Friday, May 14, 2021

Comfort and Claiming the Promises - Part 2

Did you know there are thousands of promises God has made to man? There's a story told about a Canadian, Everett R. Storms, who decided on his 27th reading through the bible to list each and every promise of God. He came up with a total of 8,810 promises, of which he says 7,487 of them are from God to mankind. [Pepperdine University] Now I'm sure some of those are promises of consequences for actions of disobedience; still, these promises are things you can be assured of if you meet the conditions.

7,487 promises! Are you living in them?

Last week, we discussed the Children of Israel hesitating to step out and claim the rest of the Promised Land for the remaining seven out of the original twelve tribes. (You may want to go to Part 1 and refresh your memory.)

Joshua 18 tells us the seven tribes had to be confronted for remaining at Shiloh for years instead of taking their inheritance. They were satisfied to remain where they were. 

I've often been critical of the Children of Israel; but I, too, have been guilty of not stepping out and claiming the promises God has laid out in scripture for all believers.

It's comfortable to stay right where I am.

Think how the bible describes a Christian's life: a race to be run, a spiritual battle to be won, and a journey Home. He wants us to have a rich, satisfying life, a life filled with purpose.

We were created for good works (see Ephesians 2:10) and that means we must WORK.  We’re not here to take UP space, but to TAKE space and enlarge the territory for the kingdom!

We’re not here to be comfortable – comfort will happen in heaven – but we’re here to hone our character to be more like Jesus. And Jesus’ time on earth was spent serving, preaching, praying, teaching, healing and proclaiming. 

He never meant for our spiritual lives to be lived in such a way that we show up on Sunday for the preacher to drop spiritual food down our throats much like birds feeding their babies by dropping worms into their opened beaks. 

We wouldn't grow physically if we ate only once a week. I don't think a once-a-week feeding spiritually would help much, either.

Child of God, let's don't be like the average believer content to exist on what our leaders feed us. Get into the Word yourself daily and discover how God will enable you for the battle ahead. 

My aim is to be a spiritual influencer for the Kingdom. Will you join me?


Join me next week for a discussion on doubt.


I just want you to know how highly I value those of you that make your way to the Journey to read my words! I believe encouraging others with the written word is a worthy calling. Thank you especially to those who respond. You make it worthwhile.
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Blue Cotton Memory said...

Abraham changed, Sarah changed, Jacob changed - God is a God who calls us to change. If I'm comfortable where I am - it's a red flag! Change is about to happen and I need to get ready! I'm so glad you talked about this today! It's a red flag day!

Willow said...

Very encouraging words!

Sharon Hazel said...

Definitely a journey - and my prayer is to be a lifelong learner, continually pressing on to know the Lord more and more. This is such a good reminder not to get too comfortable where we are now!

Lisa notes... said...

That's a lot of promises. Aren't we super blessed! Thanks, Jerralea.

Karen 'Girl' Friday said...

How amazing there are that many promises of God! Hallelujah! And love how you expressed this:

"We’re not here to take UP space, but to TAKE space and enlarge the territory for the kingdom!"

Meditations in Motion said...

Oh, how easy it is to stay where it's comfortable. I tend to do the same thing. God wants us to step out of our comfort zone, just like He wanted the Israelites to do. Building God's Kingdom here on earth is up to us. Wonderful post!

Susan said...

He never changes but He calls us to!!!!

Joanne Viola said...

I'm so grateful that the One who never changes works in my life to constantly change me. While change may not be comfortable, may I always submit to His hand.

Linda Stoll said...

Wow, Jerralea! I never dreamed that there were so many promises packed into that Sacred Book. Praise God that He is the God of His Word ... and nothing will return to Him void.

Bless you for this encouraging news this evening!