Saturday, September 25, 2021

Not Like the World

This has been a busy and slightly stressful week. We are in the midst of looking for a second car. We had two promising leads that fell through. I've had to remind myself several times that I am a child of God. I do not have to impulse buy or act like there will be no more opportunities. God knows our need, our budget and our hearts. He will provide at just the right time. He is an on-time God!

These thoughts led me to mulling over a post I wrote some time back called "Opposite," which asks the question:

"We're to be salt and light to a lost and dying world. How can we do that if we look just like them?"

I know the bible does not tell us about how to buy a car; but I believe to seek God when I have a need and then trust for an answer to come is a biblical way to live my life. 

I do have to do my part by searching for a vehicle. God won't drop it in my lap. But when I do find what looks to be a good fit, I'm to pray and ask for Him to work out the details. When I feel peace, I proceed; but if I don't have peace, I should back away.

It's a lifelong quest to live as my Savior would. I'm so thankful He left me a guide in the Bible, and also a Guide in the Holy Spirit!

This week at my post, Keep Casting Your Care, spoke to my situation as well. He wants to know every detail of our lives. Why? Because He is intimately involved in the lives of His children. If He knows the amount of hairs on my head, wouldn't He be interested in the wheels I drive?

In other news, this week was the start of Baylee's volleyball games. Between Brody's football games and now volleyball, I have become that grandparent who sits in the bleachers cheering on my grandchild. I wouldn't have it any other way!

How did your week go? Leave a comment and share!

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Hope and Home

This week, hope and home have been on my mind.

I stumbled across a quote I've shared before here on the journey and felt it was worth repeating in this week's post at, 5 Things Making My Life Meaningful:

"Home interprets heaven - Home is heaven for beginners."
Charles Henry Parkhurst

You can read the original thoughts in my post, Journey Homeward. Another post about home, Build Your Own Heaven on Earth, addresses this subject as well.

As for hope, I've been busily participating in the Hope*Writers Instagram Challenge and I ended up my 5 posts with writing about my one hope. Check it out at @jerralea.

I do think it is possible to be a hope-spreader as well as a blessing hunter and Influencing the Culture addresses that as well as speaking the truth in an attitude of love.

That's a wrap on the journey for this week. Hope you have found blessing everywhere you look!

Saturday, September 11, 2021

A Nation Remembers

Today as I go about my Saturday chores, and even while I'm typing this post, the television is on with a 911 Memorial. Twenty years ago, 2,977 people lost their lives (according to the official death toll); and every name was remembered interspersed with tributes from family, songs and speeches.

Twenty years! A lot has happened in the past 20 years of my life. I'm sure a lot has happened in yours.

Most definitely, much has happened in the life of our nation.

I began to think of all the posts I've written on freedom and liberty. Today I want to share a piece written in May of 2020, A Holy Nation of Good Citizens. Please understand, I'm not referring to our nation of the United States of America when I call us a holy nation. I'm speaking of the nation of believers, according to 1 Peter 2:9. We ourselves are far from holy ...  or even being good citizens ... yet we can be through Christ. If we trust in God to help us, we can do the following five things:

1. Remember being a good citizen reflects on God
2. Remember rulers are sent by God. (Sometimes, that is a bitter pill to swallow.)
3. God wants you to both speak and to do good.
4. Don't use your freedom as an excuse to sin.
5. Value all people.

All people are a creation of God. Sadly, some choose to be ruled by wickedness. We are not to follow doers of evil; but pray for them until their last breath 
to have eyes opened up to the truth.

At, the post of the week is 4 Rules for Rescue. The most poignant line resonating with me today is part of Psalm 50:15,

"Honor me by trusting in me in your day of trouble."

Trouble is a part of life. Trust in God when it happens. Just as the churches were full following 911; I pray they will be full again, not as a result of tragedy, but as a result of longing for the Lord.


Sharing at Grace & Truth.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Work, Work, Work

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I love getting a 3 day weekend, don't you? I hope all of us can have moments of rest and peace as we enjoy the time set aside to honor the American worker.

Work is a subject we think about a lot. Either we are dreading it or we can't stop doing it!

However, there is one type of work God wants from each believer. Today's post from the archive addresses this very topic, The Work of God. You might be surprised what it is!

At my post discusses the impact believers have on our world, 3 Ways a Believer is Like a City.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, August 28, 2021

A life of rest

Rest has been heavy on my mind this week. 

Jim's brother, Rodney, passed and the family gathered for all the activities necessary for such an event. It was heart-wrenching since we all knew he had fought "the good fight" to live; yet in God's wisdom, the answer was something better for him - a life that is rich and rewarding and without pain. A life lived at the feet of Jesus.

We often say "rest in peace" to friends and loved ones we know have went to be with the Lord.

But we need rest in this life, too! 

Over at this week's post, Desperate to Rest, addresses rest as trusting God.

Of course, here at the Journey, I've written about rest many times. I'm featuring the post How to Lighten Your Load today because it talks about spending time with Jesus, the best use of my time that I know. Yet somehow, it gets pushed to the bottom of the list ...

I want to leave you with a little story about Rodney. Almost two decades ago, Rodney traveled across the state to receive a gastric bypass surgery that was not commonly done in our neck of the woods. His insurance did not cover it; but he was so convinced he needed this surgery, he was willing to pay the cost out of his own pocket.

He called and left a message on the answering machine informing us he'd "left to go start his new life."

And the surgery was a success!

Now, he's just left again to start his new life.


Finally, a quick word to let my readers know my work of fiction with the working title of "Angel on Assignment" has now finished the first round of edits. 

I'm looking for readers! If you are interested in a story about family secrets and redemption for even the most unlikely, leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Identity and Enthusiasm

Don't you get tired of everyone bad-mouthing one another on social media? It's enough to make you stop scrolling!

Seriously though, it's important to remember the enemy is not each other.  The enemy just likes to use a willing vessel to interrupt your day and get you all hot-and-bothered about something. I have found it helpful to replace those negative thoughts you come across with positive ones.

Today, I'm profiling a post from the archives that addresses this very topic: "What to do when the enemy talks trash about you." 

Hint: It's all about how you view yourself in Christ.

You might want to check out my newest post, Taught by the Word and One Who Knows at for talk about being a bible enthusiast.

Finally, a quick word to let my readers know my work of fiction with the working title of Angel on Assignment has now finished the first round of edits. 

I'm looking for readers! If you are interested in a story about family secrets and redemption for even the most unlikely, leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021


Do you have crazy-busy weekends sometimes? I sure do!
I'm just now tending the posts at the Journey for this week; so the word "busy" is on my mind. I'm reminded of my post, Living Mary in a Martha World. My point in the post was we need both kinds of women.

"If we never had a Martha, nothing would get done. But a Martha without a Mary spirit and heart will soon get burnt out from all the doing."

I still think it's true. Somehow we have to keep both facets of their personalities mingled in ours if we want to be effective.

It is great when we have people who hold us accountable if we begin to tilt too far on either side of the scale.

You might want to check out my newest post, Accountability: It takes a Community at for more on this subject.

Finally, a quick word to let my readers know my work on my book with the working title of Angel on Assignment has now finished the first round of edits. 

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