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More about Morgan

For my readers who followed along with my Write 31 Days challenge, you can now find out more of the story!

Each Wednesday, I will be publishing a fictional post, and for the foreseeable future, we will be learning more of her story. 

If you missed any of the previous posts of my serial, Angel on Assignment: The Book of Morgan, click here and be taken to a landing page that has all 31 posts of the story in order.

PART II – More about Morgan

Chapter 1 – What’s next?

The next day after all the secrets were told, Sunday dawned fresh and new.

As a grown woman, I knew I could now make my own decisions; but I hoped Mom would approve.

I wanted my first action as a forgiven, reconciled and restored daughter to be attendance at Sunday morning church. Although I had been allowed to attend some youth meetings during my late teens, I had never once gone on a Sunday morning to Sister Clara’s church.

At the breakfast table, I casually remarked I’d like to attend. Mom looked down at her cup of coffee for awhile, and then looked up at me with her eyes brimming with tears.

“I think it would mean a lot to Sister Clara if we both attended,” she said softly, “except I don’t own any clothes worthy of going to church.”

“Oh, Mom,” I went over to her and hugged her, “People don’t dress as formally for church as in Grandma Rose’s day. Let me help you go through your closet and find something.”

In about half an hour’s time we were ready to go. We both wore black dress slacks and jewel-toned tops. I think we looked pretty spiffy, but more importantly, we both were wearing smiles in each other’s presence.

As we approached the double doors of the church, Mom whispered nervously, “Hope the roof doesn’t fall in.”

“Mom! That’s not going to happen!  You’ll see, people will be happy to see us.”

Sure enough, when we stepped into the foyer, the first person we saw was Sister Clara holding court with all her church lady friends. As soon as she saw us, happy tears sprung to her eyes as she held out her arms for a hug.

“Sharon! Morgan! I’m so happy to see you here today! You must come sit with me,” she invited.

As we got settled in our places she mentioned her son Bro. John Cook, was visiting today and would be the special speaker.

“I’m so proud of him,” she said, “even though he used to be a big-shot CEO at Clark and Clark Innovations back in Portland, he turned out okay because he listened to the Lord and went into the ministry.”

“Oh!” I exclaimed, “I’ve heard of John Cook in Portland. I didn’t know he was your son!”

Sister Clara smiled, “Well, there are a lot of Cooks in the world. What were the chances you’d end up in the same part of the country as my son?”

When Bro. John took the pulpit, I watched him with interest. He had kind eyes, but I didn’t think he looked much like Sister Clara.

As if she were a mind-reader, Clara leaned over and whispered to me, “John gets his good looks from his daddy! But he got his way with people from me!”

“Ssh,” whispered Mom, “I’m trying to listen!”

Clara and I settled back in our pew with grins on our faces and started listening to Bro. John.

Interestingly, his sermon was on forgiveness. He started with the timeless story of Peter asking Jesus how many times a person was expected to forgive someone.

I glanced over at Mom, and her gaze was riveted on Bro. John as he read the following scripture:

Matthew 18:21-22 New King James Version (NKJV)
21 Then Peter came to Him and said, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven times?”
22 Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.

Bro. John explained, “In Peter’s day, rabbis taught you should forgive a person at least three times. Peter thought he was going above and beyond to suggest forgiving a brother seven times!”

“Imagine how the listening crowd took the news Jesus expected them to forgive 490 times, which is another way of saying, “Forgive without limit’.  Who would keep track of 490 times and say on the 491st offence, ‘Nope, sorry, can’t do it.’”

“In fact, the Love Chapter, 1 Corinthians 13, actually tells us ‘love bears no record.’ So, it would be wrong to even keep track of those 490 offences.”

“Does forgiving mean the person who hurt me gets away with it? Not at all. The law of sowing and reaping assures us people pay consequences for their sins. The ‘wages of sin is death,’ the bible tells us. So, unless a person repents, they will pay the ultimate price for their sin.”

“Forgiveness is for YOU. It frees the load, the burden, you have been carrying around, and it says to God, ‘I trust You, Father, to take care of it for me.”

I glanced over at Mom and was startled to see a trickle of tears running down her face.

Pastor John went on, “Here’s another reason forgiveness is for you.” He went on to finish Matthew 18 and told the parable of the servant who was forgiven a great debt by the King; but later could not forgive a fellow servant who only owed him a small debt.

“In essence the message of this story is this:  How can we, who have been forgiven so much by the Lord, justify not forgiving someone else?”

Mom sniffled loudly and Sister Clara handed her a handkerchief.

When it came time for the altar call, I was a little surprised to see Clara whisper something to Mom and then they both made their way to the front and had a long conversation with the Bro. John and the Pastor.

Then the Pastor said, “We’re thankful our sister has come to lay some burdens down at the feet of Jesus.” He then prayed a prayer of dismissal and everyone stood to their feet and milled around shaking hands and greeting one another.

Everyone was so nice and friendly to me and I renewed acquaintances with a few youth who were now adults worshiping still at our childhood church.

Not once did anyone mention our family secrets or anything associated with the past!

I met up with Mom and Sister Clara at the door. Clara invited us to lunch with her and her son and his family but we declined feeling she should spend time with him.

“We’ll get together next time, I promise,” Mom said as we filed out the door and headed to the car.
“I kind of have a headache after all that crying, anyway,” Mom explained.

“I agree we should give Sister Clara all the uninterrupted time she can spend with her son.”

“Besides, we got lots to talk about. I’ve been gone 9 years, and I also need more of Herb’s meatloaf.” I declared.

“What? You just had that a couple days ago!”

“I know, but it is soooo good!”

Shaking her head, Mom led the way to the car. After we got in, buckled up and headed toward Herb's, Mom said, "You are really stretching this old introvert! Making me eat in public again."

“Mom, come on! I know you can do it. Do like I did all those years in Portland. Assume a confident demeanor and act like everyone’s invisible. No one will say a word to you. Trust me, I know!”

As we pulled up to the curb in front of the diner, Mom said, “What does a confident demeanor look like?”

“It’s all in the mind,” I explained. “Just think, ‘I’m Morgan, a confident powerful woman. I will be polite; but I am busy, so I don’t have time for idle chat.’ Once you have that mindset in place, your demeanor will look exactly like that.”

“Okay, but I think I will say, ‘I’m Sharon’ instead of Morgan,” Mom said with a grin.

Rolling my eyes, I got out of the car, muttering under my breath, “Everyone’s a comedian.”

“I heard that,” Mom said sweetly as she joined me on the sidewalk.

We assumed the position, linked arms, and strolled confidently into Herb’s Diner.


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The Journey's Weekly Check-Up

I'm doing a new thing on the Journey. Each Monday, I will be sharing a reflection journal observing some of the activities, thoughts and sights I'm experiencing along my Journey.

Let me know if you might be interested in doing a journal along with me. Perhaps a Monday link-up might be in our future.

Here is this week's offering:

Share something that made you smile

This exchange between my grandson and my daughter:

Brody: Guess what I did at church today?

Janae: What?

Brody: I gave everyone a free hug!

(Gives Janae and his Dad a hug.)

Brody: I don't want to give any more free hugs. That's enough.

Share something that made you think

This snippet from one of my Pastor's sermons:

"Did Jesus come to live 33 years, then get beaten and die on the cross so you could be a 'church person' and still live in sin?"


Share a win from this week

I'm in a season of reflecting and evaluating the things I'm doing. Are the things I'm doing going to help me meet my goals? What can I streamline? What systems can I set up that will help me achieve success?

One of my first steps was making a growth plan. I have chosen a monthly goal, two different weekly goals and a daily goal for personal growth. I've resisted the urge to complicate things and made them simple and do-able.

Now, I'm addressing goals for my writing life. My win for this week is determining a publishing schedule for my blog.

  • Monday: Reflection or Inspirational post
  • Wednesday: Fictional Post (more about Morgan!)
  • Friday: Either join in with the community at Five Minute Friday and write on a one-word prompt, or join in with the community at Friday's Fave Five and write on 5 blessings from the week.

I think that makes for a well-rounded writing experience on the Journey.

Share a great quote (my long-time readers know I love me a good quote!)

"You only live once. But if you work it right, once is enough." - Fred Allen

Share a song or a scripture that ministered to you

Here is an awesome scripture if you are are in a season of reflection and evaluation, too:

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1 NLT

The phrase, "Lay aside the weight that slows us down," really speaks to me. The things weighing me down might not necessarily be a sin, but if they are weighing me down and not needful to my calling, perhaps they should be discarded.Share a favorite picture

Historic Kornthal Church, dedicated in 1861.

I pass by this beautiful church everyday!

And that's a wrap for this week on the Journey. Talk to you soon.


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Friday, November 9, 2018

Lay every burden down

Today, I'm joining the community at Five Minute Friday as writers join in to free-write on the one-word topic: Burden.


It's funny this week's word would be burden. All week, there has been a song running through my subconscious. It wasn't a familiar song. The only phrase that stuck with me was the line, "I lay every burden down." 

So, eventually, I went to YouTube and did a search and found the song "At the Foot of the Cross." Such a powerful song! The idea is you receive beauty for ashes when you lay your burden at the cross. 

Why are you holding onto it anyway?

Most burdens are something we are not to meant to carry.

I don't mean the fine tension between responsibilities, goals and dreams that sometimes feel like a lot to carry.

I'm talking of the burdens of regret and shame. Regret for things you have done; but, now wish you hadn't. Or maybe your regrets are things you know should have done. A big burden can be shame for things done to you.

The song also has another powerful lyric, "and wear forgiveness like a crown."

Therein lies the whole message. Go to Jesus and give Him that heaviness. Ask for help to forgive the one who sinned against you - even if it was yourself.

Lay it down so you can continue on your journey!


Please enjoy this YouTube video: At the Foot of the Cross -Kathryn Scott (Subscribers will need to click through to my actual blog to view the video.)

A note to my readers:

As you may know, October was taken up with the Write 31 Days challenge and my experimentation with writing fiction; so in November, I'm getting back into my groove.

Actually ... my groove has changed. After all, a groove should not be a rut!

For now, I am thinking of going with the following publishing schedule:  Monday's posts will be something inspirational, Wednesday's posts will be Christian fiction, and on Fridays I will either participate with community at Five Minute Friday, or from time to time, I will drop in on the community at Friday's Fave Five - because we all need to look for the blessings in our lives.

As always, there will be a healthy dose of memoir sprinkled in among my writing - all the things in my life happened for a reason - I might as well share.

I just want you to know how highly I value those of you that make your way to the Journey to read my words! I believe encouraging others with the written word is a worthy calling. Thank you especially to those who respond. You make it worthwhile! 


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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Random stuff and a story ...

Hello, readers!

Today's post is a collection of musings and thoughts occupying space in my brain ever since I finished the Write 31 Days challenge. 

I hope all of you by now have managed to read all 31 Days of my serial, ANGEL ON ASSIGNMENT; The Book of Morgan. If not, (why not?) you can click here to go to a landing page that has a link for each day.

As a writer, it's been a wild ride since the idea first popped in my head to write a story about characters birthed from a prompt given in a virtual writing club meeting.

I'm reminded of the quote, 

“I was born to be wild, but only until around 9pm.” ― Unknown

... nevertheless, corralling the wild incessant thoughts of my characters was keeping me up nights.. I had a brain dump list so that I could put partial ideas down while they were fresh and revisit them later.

The month of September was a blur because every waking moment was consumed by Kai, Morgan, Sharon, etc.

I'd be driving down the road and suddenly realize I'm thinking of different scenarios Kai could be involved in.

I'd lay my head on the pillow at night to go to sleep when suddenly I would realize what Rose looked like and how she would talk.

I finished a few days before October started and thought the next month participating in the challenge would be a breeze and I'd have plenty of spare time.

Nope. Think edits, graphics and more edits. I was just as busy in October as September.

So, here it is early November, and I'm 8 pages into a sequel I've got planned. No rest for the weary!

I'm loving it, by the way.

Looking at my brain dump list, I see a story I was telling a friend the other day ... it has nothing to do with ANGEL ON ASSIGNMENT, and so I thought I'd share it with you today.

It's a story I heard years ago, and I have no idea who told it. I even googled it, so I'll give credit to Anonymous. ( I did, however, embellish it.) If you recognize it and know who told it, let me know. I would love to give them credit.

Three Christian Ladies Walking to Heaven

There were three ladies walking the road to heaven.

One lady was walking vigorously, climbing rough paths, even crawling to get there. Nothing was going to stop her. She was traveling all by herself.

The second lady was hesitantly making her way; but every once in awhile, she heard the voice of Jesus encouraging her, so she kept on going.

The third lady would come to a stop every little bit and would stand there forever until Jesus came and showed Himself to her and then she would go on.

Now, the question is this: why did one lady get to see Jesus, one get to hear Him, but one lady got no sign from Him at all?

Doesn't seem fair, does it?

Here is how it was explained to me. The first lady had enough faith, she would claw her way to heaven if she had to go never hearing from Him even once. The second lady just needed a little encouragement to go on. 

What about that third lady?  Even though it looked like she was the most blessed of the three, since she actually got to see Jesus in person; she was the one with the weakest faith. She couldn't believe without Him helping her.

So in heaven, it will be reversed. The first lady will get the most abundant blessing because she believed against all odds; the second lady will be blessed, to be sure, but not as greatly as the first. The third lady will have the smallest reward because she believed the least.

Of course, the main thing is to get there! 

I also believe the smallest blessing in heaven is way more than the hugest earthly blessing; but still, wouldn't you want to receive the biggest blessing and be known for having great faith?

Although this story is not biblical, it does mirror the parable of the talents found in Matthew 25. Remember? Three men were given talents according to their abilities; one was given 5, another 2, and the last was given one. The first two men went out and worked and doubled their talents. The last sat on his talent (well, literally he buried his talent). In the end, he was called wicked for not using his talent (subject matter for another whole blogpost!); and had his talent taken away and given to the one who had the most talents.

Let's say these three ladies walking to heaven had the talent of faith. One's talent was so much, she really had no need of help. She had enough for the journey.

The second lady's faith needed a helping hand now and then.

But the third lady's faith was very weak and the only way she would have enough faith is ... to wait until Jesus showed up to encourage her.

Whoa! That puts an entirely different spin on this little story, does it not?

Maybe the third lady was the smartest of all! 

My friend, have you been feeling weak - so weak you can't put one foot in front of the other? Take heart. If you have any faith at all, it can be increased. You just have to draw near enough to Him to receive what you need. 

See, Matthew 25:29 also tells us this:

"For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance."

I've always believed the answer to any problem in your life can be found at the feet of Jesus. Draw near, my friend, draw near.


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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Day 31 - Loose Ends Are Really Just a New Beginning

"We've only just begun ..." The Carpenters

The next day, bright and early, I started out for Sister Clara’s house. I practiced in my mind the words I would say to apologize, but when I saw her sitting on her porch, same as always, I raced up the path and bounded onto the porch. Skidding to a stop, I fell to my knees and cried, “Sister Clara, can you ever forgive me?”

“Why, honey, I forgave you a long time ago. My! It’s so good to see you! Come over here and give me a hug.”

Next thing you know, I was seated at her table enjoying some fabulous chocolate chip cookies, just like when I was a kid. Except now, I was offered coffee, instead of milk.

We talked for hours. I told her everything, even up to and including stealing the secretary’s idea at the ad agency.

“Honey, there isn’t a thing here that can’t be forgiven. Just give it to Jesus and tell Him you are sorry; and you won’t ever do it again.”

“I did, Sister Clara, I asked Him for forgiveness before I became conscious.”

“Now, He might ask you to make restitution to the secretary – you just pray about it and see what He says.”

Seated back on the front porch by now, Sister Clara rocked awhile, then suddenly leaned forward. “Child, I want to tell you something.”

“Back when Rose was alive, we prayed for you.”

“You did? What did you pray?” figuring I knew the answer to my question.

“We prayed for the Lord to redeem Rose’s family – every one of them and to raise up a voice to touch others for Jesus in every generation starting with you, Morgan.”

Tears came to my eyes, “I know … The Lord let me see a picture of you and Grandma praying. But Mom accepted Christ in my hospital room, so there’s no one else in my family to be  redeemed.”

Rose just smiled knowingly, “Well the main thing, Morgan, is to be willing to tell what the Lord has done for you. He will send who He wants to hear.”

Glancing at my watch, I said, “Look at the time. Jamie is coming over tonight for “cards and conversation,” she said. Before she gets there, Mom has promised to show me pictures of my father.”

“Come back soon,” Sister Clara called as I made my way to the sidewalk, “Don’t be a stranger!”

“I’ll be back soon,” I promised.

When I got back home, I found Mom sitting at the dining room table with a box full of pictures and letters. She looked up at me, smiling with tears pooled in her eyes, and handed me a photo.

I took the photo and stared into a face that was the masculine version of my own, except he looked devastatingly handsome.

“You look just like him,” Mom said softly. “It’s a blessing but it was also a reminder of what I’d lost,” she worked to keep her voice calm, “and that was also a reminder to your grandparents what they had lost.”

Puzzled, I looked at Mom. “Grandma Rose was that attached to my father?”

“No, I’m talking about your other grandparents, the Morgans.”

Dumbfounded, I stared at her. “You mean they are still alive? They’re still here?”

“Yes, they are alive. I would say alive and well, but if anyone was more bitter than me, it would be them. They didn’t want to believe you were Joe Lee’s child, but when they saw you looked just like him, they didn’t want to associate with you because of what Bobby had done. They were afraid I’d want money, so they cut themselves off from everyone and lived like hermits.”

Mom proudly raised her chin, “I never took one cent from them. I raised you myself. I might not have done it right, but I did it without their help!”

Shaking my head, I murmured, “It’s all so sad ….”

“Yes it is, honey, Look, here are some letters with your dad’s handwriting on them.”

With her approval, I started reading one, but after a minute, I handed it back, “These are too sacred and tender for me to read. Maybe later, but I just can’t handle it right now.”

Mom smiled, “That’s got to be a first – someone refusing to read private love letters. I’ll put them up for now. They are not going anywhere.”

Just then, Jamie came in carrying boxes of pizza and my favorite peanut butter bars she always made for our card parties.

Later, when we were in a food coma and idly looking at the cards dealt each of us, Jamie dropped a bombshell – well, actually two bombshells, one inadvertently, but she meant to tell of the first one.

“I told you yesterday, Morgan, that there is more to tell of the story, and that I would start the ball rolling.”

Looking at Mom, she asked, “You didn’t tell her yet, did you?”

Mom shook her head, “Nope, that part of the story is yours to tell.”

Jamie started out calmly, “Honey, when you asked me if you could come live with me, I didn’t tell you all of the reasons why it wouldn’t be a good idea. I did promise your grandmother I’d always be there for Sharon, and I did feel it would be too hurtful for Sharon for you to abandon her and move in with me. But there was another reason.”

“I had told you your mom and I were best friends in high school.  What I didn’t tell you was that we were best friends who both fell in love with boys on the football team.”

“Best friends fell in love with boys who were not only best friends to each other, but cousins. We were like a tight foursome.”

“You see, that day Bobby shot and killed Joe Lee, he also killed my boyfriend. Remember, I told you the coach, Joe Lee and a boy named Darren died?”

“Yes, I remember.”

Jamie’s voice got a little quivery, “Well, Darren McCloud was Joe Lee’s cousin, and I was in love with him. And, except for the fact I didn’t get pregnant, your mom’s story could have been mine.”

She pulled a snapshot from her pocket and handed it to me. I stared at it a long time, then said, “I don’t understand? He looks like Joe Lee.”

Mom said, “The Morgan genes are very strong. Joe Lee’s daddy and his aunt, Dee McCloud, looked just alike. Joe Lee and Darren looked just alike. And you look like them all.”

Jamie chimed in, “Then throw in the fact your voice sounds exactly like Joe Lee’s mama’s voice – no one could deny who you were. Unfortunately, we all just wanted to forget what Bobby had done.”

“So now, you’re telling me that just like Mom, when you looked at me, you only saw a lost love instead of a little girl.”

They both started crying, “Forgive us, it was dumb. We really do love you,” as somehow we all ended up in a group hug.

After many tears were shed, Mom sniffled and said, “So, you see, Morgan, Mom and Clara’s prayer for you to reach our family for redemption still needs to be answered. The Morgans, and the McClouds who are just as broken and bitter as your grandparents, need Jesus; and maybe you are the only one who could reach them!”

And Jamie quietly said, “And don’t forget Bobby. Rose would want you to minister to Bobby.”

I stared at her in shock. “You mean, Bobby is alive? I assumed he died in the electric chair.”

Mom sighed, “No, he was found temporarily insane while committing the shooting, so he was sentenced to life in prison.”

“I wanted him to rot in hell, but after all these years, my heart tells me Jesus wants to save him … and I can’t help but feel you should be the one to tell him.”

They both looked at me with their hearts in their eyes. "Well, I don't know," I hedged ... "I'll have to do some deep praying about this. I'm never taking a step again without talking to the Lord first."

Jamie smiled, "The I know what the answer will be!"

We are on Day 31 of my serial, Angel on Assignment: The Book of Morgan. Morgan's story is not done! Stay tuned in the coming weeks to learn more.

If you have missed any of the previous posts, click on the title, "Angel on Assignment" in the upper right hand corner in my side bar. It will take you to a page where you can find all links as they go live.

This serial is not intended to be doctrine. Scripture does tell us angels come to warn, bring messages and sometimes watch over us. It also tells us we could possibly unknowingly entertain an angel. My serial is just me imagining how that might look in our present day and time.

This post was written as part of the Write 31 Days challenge. A whole group of writers will be writing for 31 days straight on a variety of topics. Click here to check it out.


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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Day 30 - Going Home

"There's no place like home!" Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz

Mom came back to my hospital room the next day slightly subdued.

“My! Morgan, you have done alright for yourself,” she said as she handed over a tote bag with my clothing inside.

“All your clothes are designer and your apartment is fannn-cy,” she said drawling out the word fancy for emphasis.

I sighed, “Yes, I’ve done alright… But I tell you, that job is wearing on the soul. I’m going to have to pray about continuing there.”

“Well, come back home and spend some time away to get perspective.”

“I believe you’re right, which is why I called my boss and the human resource department to arrange for a leave. Since I’ve never taken a vacation in the five years I’ve been with them, they had to give me a month.”

Unbelievably, Mom clapped her hands and yelled, “Yay!”

“Who IS this woman?” I thought to myself, “I have never seen her excited before.”

Just then the Doctor popped in to say all the tests showed I was perfectly fine and free to go.

As I shook his hand and thanked him for all his help, he said, “I didn’t do anything. I don’t know what this was all about, but the Man upstairs must have had a part in it.”

“I know He did,” I said emphatically.

After he left, I got dressed quickly and got checked out. While I was waiting for paperwork, I made arrangements for us to fly back to my old hometown.

“I’m so excited to be going back after 9 long years,“ I said to Mom. “I want to see Sister Clara, Jamie and Miss Amy.”

Suddenly a thought came to me – “Is Sister Clara still alive?”

Mom said with a laugh, “I truly believe Sister Clara will be here until Jesus comes! She is in her early 90s now but still lives on her own and even drives to church and the grocery store. She doesn’t drive at night though!”

Mom looked at me compassionately as she said, “She was hurt that you left and never sent word, though.”

I looked down at my hands as I clenched them in my lap, “I know I hurt her. I feel bad about it. I was so consumed with my own hurt, I never considered anyone else.”

“I totally understand,” Mom replied, “because that is how I was. I dwelt on the events of that terrible year and never got past it. I didn’t even consider how I was making other people feel with my actions.”

We stopped by my apartment and I packed enough clothes to last awhile, then we were off to the airport. I’d be sleeping in my old room by bedtime!

Jamie met us at the airport and practically drowned me with her tears.

“Oh, Morgan, we’ve missed you so badly. I need you in our pinochle games so I can win.”

We all laughed at that, and then she went on, “Seriously, I felt so bad at not letting you come live with me. I never dreamed you’d run away.”

“Jamie, it’s all for the best. I had to get away and see how far my dreams would take me. I just regret the way I did it.” I said sheepishly. “I know I was wrong to neglect letting you all know I was safe.”

“I think we’ve all learned to be truthful throughout this experience,” Jamie stated firmly, “and this Saturday night, I’m going to start the ball rolling.”

Looking curiously at her, I questioned, “You mean there is more to this story?”

“Tons more,” Mom remarked, “but if I don’t get some food in me soon, I’m going to pass out.”

Jamie laughed, “Always thinking about her stomach! How does she stay rail-thin?”

“It’s a mystery – but one I want to solve after we stop at the diner. Dinner is on me,” I declared. “I’ve been dreaming about Herb’s meatloaf ever since I left home. I want to see if eating it at the diner is as good as take out was.”

Later, Jamie dropped us off at home and I had the honors of unlocking the door and walking back into time. Grandma Rose’s house was just as I remembered!

We are on Day 30 of my serial, Angel on Assignment: The Book of Morgan. Don't miss tomorrow's post - there are still some surprises in store!

If you have missed any of the previous posts, click on the title, "Angel on Assignment" in the upper right hand corner in my side bar. It will take you to a page where you can find all links as they go live.

This serial is not intended to be doctrine. Scripture does tell us angels come to warn, bring messages and sometimes watch over us. It also tells us we could possibly unknowingly entertain an angel. My serial is just me imagining how that might look in our present day and time.

Tomorrow's offering: Loose Ends Are Really Just A New Beginning

This post was written as part of the Write 31 Days challenge. A whole group of writers will be writing for 31 days straight on a variety of topics. Click here to check it out.


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