Monday, November 30, 2020

Praise Post #30 - 2020

Today is the last day of November and the end of this year's Praise Posts. Each day I've given 5 praises for the blessings in my life. After today's post, I'll have offered up 30 X 5 = 150 praises to my Creator and Lord Jesus.

Actually this is like my 68th praise post over the years, not to mention when I join in with the Friday's Fave Five community who weekly offer up praises. (I've done 321 of those posts during my blogging career.)

I'm a big believer in having an attitude of gratitude. Why should the Lord bless me more if I'm not thankful for what I already have?

I don't deserve all the good things God has done for me. The only thing I can really say for myself is I decided early on to give my life to Him. Although, I'm not perfect and mess-up all the time, He still loves me and blesses me. This is my #1 praise and always will be:  I'm His.

#2 Praise for today is I'm thankful to be an American. Even with all her problems and the weird season we are in; it's still a wonderful country.

#3 I'm thankful for life itself. Today, a friend texted me about a sad happening: a 17 year old classmate of her daughter's died in a car accident. Immediately, my mind went back to something I've never forgotten: a classmate of mine also died at age 16 in a car wreck. Teenagers think they are invincible but death can come at any age. Each of us need to be thankful for each day of life we are given.

#4 I'm thankful to have my blog. My platform admittedly is not big. I still have hopes of growing it. But what an awesome privilege it is to push "Publish," any time I'm ready and send my words into cyber space. My prayer is to encourage others with my words.

#5 is praise for my current, right-now life. 2020 was not at all like I expected it to be. (Anybody feel the same?) Yet, I can always look back and say that this was the year I got to speak at my first Women's Conference and I felt good about it. It's also the year I started my email list to mail out my weekly devotionals, The Wednesday Pit Stop. AND it was in January of 2020 when I embarked on the two-year journey of teaching the book of Isaiah with my bible study group. So, see, some good things DID happen in 2020.

Thank you to everyone who read this year's praise posts, and  a double thank-you to those who commented. I appreciate you! 


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  1. Love the praise tone of your post! We have so much to be grateful for even with such a hard year. God is still God and He never changes and He will always be with us. Blessings to you, Jerralea! I'm your neighbor this week at #InspireMeMonday.

  2. Well done on your 30 days of praise posts! Hope December is full of love and gratitude for you and yours!

  3. your posts remind me of that line in that old hymn, 'praising my Savior all the day long.' thanks for sharing your joys with us, friend ...

  4. Dear Jerralea, I like how you're able to think of things to praise God for in the midst of whatever is going on. Praise opens the door so God's peace can pour into us and overflow over others. Thank you for inspiring me.
    Blessings ~ Wendy Mac

  5. Jerralea, this praise post was wonderful. Thank you for the reminder to look for the good things that happened this year. I, too, started sending out monthly emails to subscribers. And I built my website (with help!). And I completed a book. I'm so thankful for God's help with all of these. I resonated with each of your praises. :)


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