Thursday, January 1, 2015

Looking Back on 2014

While I'm enjoying my stay-cation, I figured it was the best time to do my review of 2014 showcasing my favorite posts and pictures. Warning: The post will be long! Let's get started, shall we?


It's interesting that my most commented post in January was the January 10 Friday's Fave Five which was all about creature comforts. Perhaps that was because we like to hunker down and hibernate that time of year? The post that received the most page-views was also my personal favorite: (Un)Self-Critical. I'm still amazed to realize He made me the way I am On Purpose!

Fave Jan pic:


Of course, my favorite post in February was the one In Which an Exciting Announcement Was Made.  February was when we found out our grandtwins would be a boy AND a girl!

My fave February pic:

My new home office

March started out as a lion with snow and ice and howling winds. My first post in March had the most page-views where I shared soup recipes and wrote about staying home. I also got a lot of comments when I wrote about food in Top Ten Snacks. Perhaps I should become a food blogger?

Fave March Pic:

March started out snowy but ended with flowers


April was a prolific month for posts because I joined the A- Z blogging challenge while continuing to write my regular posts. My favorite April post, however, is the one  In Which I Share What I Learned From Our Daughter.

April's fave photo:

There are twins in there!


May's most popular post was Friday's Fave Five for May 16th, a post mainly about sorrow and flowers. My favorite, though, was Career Do-Over in which I decided being a professional organizer might be just the ticket.

May's photo pick:

One of our favorite places - Arrowhead Lake


One of June's most viewed posts was the post describing the day I spent waiting for the twins to be born, Friday's Fave Five for June 6, 2014. I also had a lot of fun writing in June about a Surprise Visitor I once had.

No surprise, I'm sure, but my favorite photo of June 2014 features the twins:


July's most viewed post was another FFF post which talked about freedom, religious liberty and family. My favorite post to write was Light is a Game Changer.

July's pic of the month:

My 2nd All Time Favorite Pic of the Twins


I had fun reliving the story of the Blue Ghost. Another post special to my heart ended up being a reader favorite, A Gift of Believing.

August fave photo:


September was a stay-cation month, and I busily scribbled out some posts. A couple favorites:  Help from an 8 Year Old, and Life On Hold.

September's photo:

Kentucky Dam Marina


October is the month I participate in the 31 Day Challenge. My theme this year was Life on the Journey. The most popular of the series was Long, a piece in which I wrote about my longing for my father and Home.  My favorite post of the month was TBT: Sisters Smiling.

October photo pick:

Fave photo that I took in 2014

November is the month I decided to do my first link up. I entitled my work Praise Posts and blogged each day on 5 blessings for a total of 150 blessings.  I also love to share stories of my children and the lovable things they did as little ones. New Shampoo and Blockheads were two such stories.

Best pic in November:


December started out strong on blogging but I got bogged down ... I intended to write each day on December reflections but didn't make it. One of the more viewed posts was the post where I shared lake reflections. One of the most well-received posts was a fun post to do entitled Where I'm From. I'm from a family that wants to do what they want to do WHEN they want to do it (and not a moment before). Yeah, that's where I'm from.

December photo:

My All Time Fave Photo of the Twins

While researching this post, I discovered 7 of my most popular posts were written in 2013, and in the top 10, not a one of them were written in 2014.  I don't know how I feel about that ... Have I peaked? No way! 2014 is the year more readers and subscribers jumped on board. I felt I made more bloggy friends, so I am going to continue to blog and make 2015 the best year yet!

Mama's Losin' It

This post was written in response to Writer's Workshop prompt # 4. A year in review! Compile a years worth of your best blog posts and pictures. You can review other blogger's years at the fabulous and fun blog site, Mama's Losin' It.


Simply Linda said...

OOO'S & Ahh's over the grandkids...beautiful!!!--BTW, I LOVE YOUR OFFICE!!! Squeling with delight over that one, sorry for shouting. I do believe I scared my husband, LOLOLOL. BLESSINGS

Lisa said...

The twins are so sweet! :)

betty said...

Good year in review, adorable pictures of your grand babies. Will be fun to see what 2015 brings.


Faith said...

loved your have some great photos!! those grandbabies are just so darn cute!! Happy new year!! I"m glad to call you a blogging friend and sister in CHrist. :)

LISA said...

I needed a like button under each picture!
Happy New Year!

Kyliegh said...

Love the pictures of the twins and the October picture is beautiful!! 2015 is going to be great!

Melanie said...

Oh, I would certainly miss you if you stopped blogging! I love to read your take on things. A great year in review. How did you get all your stats? Have a blessed beginning of the year!

Joyful said...

I loved this post Jerralea! So fun to look back with you! My how time flies!
Hope you have a wonderful 2015

lisa said...

Your 2014 is so inspirational! I hope your (and mine!) 2015 is awesome. I can't wait. Visiting here from MakaKat's Losin' It!

Susanne said...

What a fun look back over your year! And quite an exciting one at that! weetlg safed

Susanne said...

haha oops. typed the crazy password into the comment. Sorry.

Mama Kat said...

Oh I bet you just don't get enough of those babies all year long! What little hams!!