Friday, August 7, 2020

What is Stopping My Progress?

During 'Rona 2020, it's been really difficult to progress with my goals. 

It seems crazy; because I actually have more time, yet accomplish less.

Why is that?

Could it be I'm spending too much time listening to outside voices telling me all the things I should be doing?

  • You're not doing enough, some say.
  • You're doing too much, others will pipe up.
  • You shouldn't do this.
  • You shouldn't do that.

It's enough to make my head spin.

I think real progress is made when we reaffirm our purpose; and then weigh everything in light of our calling.

I'm called to be an encourager; so my voice may not be serving its best purpose in some venues. If an activity or a conversation has nothing to do with either giving or receiving encouragement; perhaps I should let it go.

Goodbye, mindless scrolling of social media!


This post was written in response to the one-word prompt, "progress" shared by Five Minute Friday community.

My five minutes are up, but I wanted to share something that is helping me progress through all the voices currently yapping. (See what I did there?)

I downloaded the app "One Minute Pause," associated with John Eldredge, author of "Get Your Life Back." The app gives you options for one minute, three, five and ten minute pauses that play restful music, encourages deep breathing and helps you pray encouraging words of scripture. I highly recommend it - and it's free!


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  1. "I think real progress is made when we reaffirm our purpose; and then weigh everything in light of our calling."

    This, so much this. I've been spinning my wheels and getting pulled in every possible direction and it's hard to feel like I'm making progress at anything. But you are right, reaffirming purpose helps direct progress.

  2. I definitely relate to your post. I have not made the progress I'd have hoped to over the last few months either and those voices play a big part. I like your advice to focus on our purpose and our calling. I might give that app a shot - thanks for sharing!

  3. I am so done with mindless scrolling of social media. I do much better just looking a little bit on Instagram and none on FB. UGH it is toxic to my soul.

  4. Encouragement is an underestamated gift by some but actually it is one of the most important. Without encourager like you the world would be a worse place end #7

  5. visiting from fmf 19, covid has kinda slowed things down hasn't it? goals and plans... we need to refocus on what we are called to be.

  6. I have to get that app. Honestly I spend way too much time on Facebook. I need to socially distance myself from it.


  7. I would encourage you to let go of social media, at least temporarily. I have been almost entirely SM free for a year and a half, and I don't miss it. Of course, this was a personal decision at the result of God speaking to me. I would encourage you to seek Him on these matters as well. Blessings!

    Amie, FMF #5

  8. Thanks for sharing that app. I will definitely check it out.
    {Visiting from FMF #20)

  9. In these days of COVID
    it seems I've too much time,
    and perruse the words of Ovid,
    lost in Roman rhyme,
    but he is really not perhaps
    the best classic ideal;
    he writes of love, and other chaps
    write of what is real.
    Not that Ovid's out to lunch;
    "Ars Amatoria" 's a feast,
    but I kind of have a hunch
    that my poetic beast
    needs to stand erect, alone,
    upon a field of blood and bone.

  10. yes, to weigh things in light of our calling is great filter through which we can determine where our time and efforts should be spent. great reminder!

  11. I have felt dull and weary just in the quarantine, the unsuredness, the waiting, etc. I, too, have been seeking God's way in all of this and know that I am also an encourager so have been writing notes to the homebound, the bedbound, the bored-bound. I can do that. I can even go for a drive alone, mailing them for I even buy stsamps online. So I can be safe at my age yet still do something that feels good and right. I also am wanting to stay in God's will for my life so have spent a bit more time in His word and a study alongside. Thank you for your encouragement to stay the course.
    ~ linda @ Being Woven

  12. I can totally relate! At times, I've progressed on things. At other times I've gotten sidetracked. I think I could've stayed on course better if it weren't for that mindless scrolling of news and social media. Your post has encouraged me to say no to that! Thanks!

  13. Found your link at Inspire Me Monday. Great quick reminders for this crazy time of life. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I can SO relate to all you're saying here, Jerralea! I feel like I should be getting tons accomplished during this time of Rona. Yet my attention is so easily diverted. We're all just doing the best we can and that is enough! Thankful for God's grace.

  15. I've been the same way, especially during the first several weeks of the pandemic. I haven't eliminated social media completely, as that's the only way I know what some of my family members are up to. But I've been "hiding" the strident voices and scrolling past rather than reading in depth most of the posts. Somebody said about social media that maybe it's not healthy to know what everybody thinks about everything. I tend to agree! I agree with Lisa, above, too, that we can each only do the best we can by God's grace.

  16. So many voices to listen to, but we need to choose which ones we will listen to.


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