Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A storm is blowing in ...

A few years ago, I wrote a post about an Epic Storm in our lives when my husband became ill with Bipolar Disorder. 

It occurs to me that current events are blowing in with gale force disrupting life as we know it. I think it's time to revisit that post:

Have you ever had an epic storm hit your life?  One that wrecked your life and changed everything?

I sure have. 

At first the storm started out slowly.  There were rumbles of thunder that preceded the storm - warning signs that I should have known what was coming.  The signs of mental illness. 

The signs of bipolar disorder.

I used to say my husband became a different person overnight when he became ill with bipolar.  In reality, there had always been warning signals, I just couldn't see them.

One day the storm hit with a fury. The trigger was my husband's job - a job he didn't like and didn't feel confident in doing. He fell into a deep clinical depression and could not work.  Medications were given. They didn't work well. There were times of hospitalization.  

Finally, the storm upgraded into a typhoon, and in 1999, he was diagnosed bipolar, and  his doctor bluntly stated, "Your husband will never work again."

A hurricane could not have been more devastating.  That day everything changed.  I was now the family breadwinner and life for our little family would never be the same.

Maybe you have experienced a storm hitting your life and nothing afterwards was the same as before.

When the Apostle Paul was headed to Rome to stand trial before Caesar, he experienced a storm.  The King James Version of the Bible calls it a tempestuous head wind, a Euroclydon.  Some versions call it a northeaster.  It is a storm like a typhoon or a tornado with a deadly whirling of wind.

Everyone on board Paul's ship began lightening the load, praying and fasting.  On the fourteenth day of the storm, Paul stood up and told his shipmates that God had sent an angel to assure him that he would stand before Caesar.  What's more, God granted that none who sailed with Paul would perish.

In the midst of the storm, God ministered to Paul and gave him hope.  He was reassured the call on his life would continue and he would fulfill what God had ordained for him to accomplish.

You and I can have that same hope.  Until the call on our lives is accomplished, no storm can overtake us, no matter how epic its proportions.

When the storm ends, you'll find yourself, load-lightened, heading in a different direction than you ever thought you'd travel.  But if you put your hand in His, you can be sure He will go with you.


You can read the full account of Paul's epic storm in Acts 27.


In this time of Covid-19 and words like pandemic, social distancing, stockpiling and shortages you might feel like a storm is battering you.

You might feel fear.

This is the time to hold on with all your might to scripture. Voices might howl in your ears and tell you terrible times are on their way.

But if the Lord is your Shepherd ... you'll have everything you need.

It's a promise!


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  1. That's a heavy load to carry. So good to have the Lord to carry you through right by your side.

  2. I have a friend with bipolar disorder and although she holds down a full time job in an office, she does have days of struggle. She is a sister in Christ and one of my prayer partners and we always say we could NEVER do our lives without the Lord. Although I don't have a family member with the disorder, I've learned alot about it from my friend. Storms rage but God is bigger!!

  3. Amen to this, " Until the call on our lives is accomplished, no storm can overtake us, no matter how epic its proportions." Because the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. Thanks for writing such an encouraging post. I'm holding on to scripture!


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