Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Epic Storm

Have you ever had an epic storm hit your life?  One that wrecked your life and changed everything?

I sure have. 

At first the storm started out slowly.  There were rumbles of thunder that preceded the storm - warning signs that I should have known what was coming.  The signs of mental illness. 

The signs of bipolar disorder.

I used to tell everyone that overnight my husband became a different person when he became ill with bipolar.  In reality, there had always been warning signals

Bipolar means two poles - the manic side of the person and the depressed side of the person.  The first thirty years of my husband's life, he was on the manic side.  Oh, at first, nothing drastic.  He had an overabundance of energy and he could exist on few hours of sleep. He got things done!  He was very hyper and talkative, funny and amusing.

Then stresses came:  a move from one state to another, then moving back home, a job change, the birth of our daughter.

One day the storm hit with a fury. The trigger was my husband's job - a job he didn't like and didn't feel confident in doing. He fell into a deep clinical depression and could not work.

Medications were given.  They didn't work well. There were times of hospitalization.  Finally, the storm upgraded into a typhoon, and in 1999, he was hospitalized again.  This time, he was diagnosed bipolar, and  his doctor bluntly stated, "Your husband will never work again."

A hurricane could not have been more devastating.  That day everything changed.  I was now the family breadwinner and life for our little family would never be the same.

I know a lot of you have experienced a storm hitting  your life and nothing afterwards was the same as before.

When Paul was headed to Rome to stand trial before Caesar, he experienced a storm.  The KJV calls it a tempestuous head wind, a Euroclydon.  Some versions call it a northeaster.  It is a storm like a typhoon or a tornado with a deadly whirling of wind.

Everyone on board Paul's ship began lightening the load, praying and fasting.  Finally on the 14th day of the storm, Paul stood up and told his shipmates that God had sent an angel to assure him that he would stand before Caesar.  What's more, God granted that none who sailed with Paul would perish.

In the midst of the storm, God ministered to Paul and gave him hope.  He was reassured the call on his life would continue and he would fulfill what God had ordained for him to accomplish.

You and I can have that same hope.  Until the call on our lives is accomplished, no storm can overtake us, no matter how epic its proportions.

When the storm ends, you'll find yourself, load-lightened, heading in a different direction than you ever thought you'd travel.  But if you put your hand in His, you can be sure He will go with you.


You can read the full account of Paul's epic storm in Acts 27.

I'm adding this post to my Fearless series because I realize there is no need to fear, my purpose WILL be realized.

I'm also sharing the story of my epic storm with the community at  #TellHis Story because His story is that He will anchor us through any storm that comes our way.  You can link up at


Jimbob said...
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Beth said...

Oh yes...many many Epic storms. Storms that wrecked my life, but changed everything. Your words speak such truth to the hope He has for us. Love this..."But if you put your hand in His, you can be sure He will go with you."
I'm so glad I stopped in today from TellHisStory.
God Bless.


I have experienced several Epic storms and will pray for you as you weather this storm. I am so glad to see that you appear to have a strong spiritual support. Bless you for sharing this....I know it could not have been easy. One day I will share mine.

Jimbob said...

I am so thankful for my wonderful wife, she has stayed with me through thick and thin. Stastics show that 95% where one spouse is Bi-Polar the other one leaves them. but you have stayed by my side. You are a jewel

Mia De Vries said...

Dear Jerralea
I am so sad to hear of your husbands illness. Bipolar depression can be very disabling. Yes, dear one, we all go through many storms in life, but I think the secret lies in allowing these storms in bringing us ever closer to our Lord. This reminds me so much of Brother Lawrence who said that life is life and why should he not experience his share of pain and sorrows.
Blessings to you, my friend