Wednesday, February 6, 2019

More About Morgan - #6

Recap from last week: Mrs. McCloud sneered, "Well I would enjoy it; but now that I've seen the likes of you, I doubt I could choke it down."

Before Sharon could stop herself, words tumbled out of her mouth "Mrs. McCloud, I'm so sorry you are living in such hate and can't enjoy your food. I'm not your enemy, my daughter is not your enemy, we can't help what my father did. We hate it just as much as you do! Are you held responsible for everything your family ever did?"

As Mrs. McCloud stood there shocked and speechless, her husband appeared and taking her by the elbow, said, "Dee, our food has been served. Come and eat it before it gets cold." He gently pulled her away as Sharon turned around and bolted out the door.

Chapter 6 – Aftermath

Bill led Dee over to the table and pulled her chair out for her, then took his own place.

“My,” he said, sniffing his plate, “this smells delicious. Old Herb has got to be the best cook around. I know he’s the oldest and the most crotchety!”

Dee slowly nodded as some of the red left her cheeks. “He’s the only reason I come here.”

Nothing else was said for a time, and the only sounds heard were the chink of silverware, the tinkle of ice in the water glasses and the faint murmur of the other diners.

Then Dee burst out, “I can’t stop thinking about what she said!”

Bill calmly laid his napkin by his plate. “You mean, the part where she asked if we wanted to be held responsible for everything our family ever did?”

“Yes!” Dee hesitated for a moment, and then said, ”You know I hate when people bring up about Uncle Buford being put in jail back in the ‘20s, as if we had anything to do with it!”

“That is certainly true,” Bill responded, “and it is unjust to blame us 50 years later. It’s not like we encouraged him to make the choices he did.”

Dee sighed. “And I guess it is unjust for me to blame Sharon 30 years later of what that old nutcase did.”

Gently, Bill pointed out, “Sharon would not have wanted her dad to kill the boys. She wanted to marry Joe Lee.”

Dee stared down at her plate with tears trickling down the sides of her face.

Bill went on. “I know it hurts. There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t miss Darren, when I don’t wish I could take him and Joe Lee camping again or watch them play football. But I’m tired of the hate. Even that sad old cuss rotting away in jail – what good does it do to hate him?”

“It’s killin’ us, Dee … think about it – in the old days, you would have never made a scene in a public place like this That’s not how a Southern genteel lady would act.”

Dee quickly raised her head to glare at him but the kind questioning regard with which Bill looked steadily into her eyes made her drop her head again.

“You’re right,” she said softly. Then with a slight chuckle, “If Grandma Effie had been here, she would have grabbed me by the ear and marched me to the ladies’ room to wash my mouth out with soap.”

Bill chuckled, “That she would. I can see it now! She’d say, “That is NOT how a Morgan would act in public.”

Then he sighed, “Dee, I really believe we need help. We can’t kick this on our own. It’s been thirty years and we’re still drowning in hate.”

“And the bad thing is, all this has drained us of anything we might have to give to our other children and grandchildren.”

Dee sadly shook her head, “Yes, I think the girls think we are a drag to be around… Okay, let me be honest, I’m the drag to be around. You manage to be your charming humble self!”

Bill gripped her hand, “Dee, you are always charming to me. And believe me, I’m not charming on the inside.”

“We must get help. I don’t know who or how, but we must.”


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