The Book of Morgan

Recently, I wrote my first-ever work of fiction, "ANGEL ON ASSIGNMENT: The Book of Morgan." I wrote it in serial form, publishing an installment each day for 31 days.

The heart of this story is an angel dispatched to come to earth to get Morgan's attention; since she is so busy becoming successful in order to hide the family secrets, she has left her first love and missed her calling.

I've had so much fun with this story, I've decided to continue Morgan's story as well as delving into the stories of the characters introduced with Morgan.

I published the first six chapters of Part Two, More About Morgan, while behind the scenes busily working on what I hope will be a whole series to be made into books.

I'd love your feedback along the way! Below are listed links to all the posts about The Book of Morgan. 

Day 1:  Confirmation
Day 2:  Kai's Story Begins
Day 3:  The Mission
Day 4:  Prayer of Agreement
Day 5:  The Plan
Day 6:  Scoping the Lay of the Land
Day 7:  Settling In
Day 8:  First Day of Work
Day 9:  What's An Angel to Do?
Day 10: Kai Ministers
Day 11: Day of Reckoning
Day 12: Morgan's Story Begins
Day 13: Days of Gray
Day 14: Moving Day
Day 15: Unlikely Friend
Day 16: Once in a Lifetime Experience
Day 17: Good News
Day 18: A Season of Waiting
Day 19: Revealed Truth
Day 20: Seeking Truth
Day 21: What I Didn't Want to Know
Day 22: Rejection
Day 23: Gloom, Despair and an Answer to Prayer
Day 24: A Long and Winding Road
Day 25: Goals in Life
Day 26: Guilt Makes for Sleepless Nights
Day 27: Come-to-Jesus Moment
Day 28: Sharon's Come-to-Jesus Moment
Day 29: Mother-Daughter Talk
Day 30: Going Home
Day 31: Loose Ends Are Really Just a New Beginning

The story continues!

Part 2 - More About Morgan:

Chapter 1 - What's Next?
Chapter 2 - Heart to Heart
Chapter 3 - I Want To Do What You Do
Chapter 4 - Planning for the Future
Chapter 5 - Conflict
Chapter 6 - Aftermath

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