Friday, September 1, 2017

As Summer Draws to a Close ... August Musings

August is always a month I'm glad to bid farewell - she's hot, humid and demanding I pay attention to her because, my goodness! Summer is about over.

I'm a lover of fall from way back, always excited about the beginning of the academic year, autumnal decor - both inside the home and outdoors in nature - fall foods and fashion. But, I noticed something about August this go round ... she had a lot of lessons to teach me. I don't have to wait for September to learn some stuff ...

So here are random snippets to share with you the wisdom that showed up in August (in the order I discovered them):

“In being intentional with how we live, we grow into our identity as image bearers of God. - Open Windows, Summer of 2017

"Help me to represent You well … " - Open Windows, Summer of 2017

“You and I were created to work because God Himself works.  It is a function of being image bearers.” Michele Morin - Laundry is My Overflowing Inbox ...

"We have been created to mirror God by creating and restoring, and in so doing leave people, places and things better than we found them." and, "God looked at his work and celebrated. He was satisfied. And because God put his image in us, we, too are wired to take pride in our work." Scott Sauls, ALL GOOD WORK, ESPECIALLY YOURS, IS GOD’S WORK

(Don't you love when God presents an idea more than once?)

Oh, we are not done with the idea of image-bearing ...

"As a Christian who is active on social media, I often remind myself that each image-bearing name is sacred." Scott Sauls, "Why Porn and Internet Shaming at Basically the Same Thing."

Other thoughts:
Noah was faithful to focus on preparation trusting that God would eventually show up. And a rainbow is our continual reminder that He did and still does.  Shelly Miller

"His favor is for a lifetime."  Psalm 30:5 ESV

"You are not working to be saved; you are working because you are saved."  …Every Day with Jesus Daily Bible (Aug. 11)

Two thoughts I can't quit thinking about from Sarah Bessey in her epic post, "12 BEST PRACTICES FOR FINDING TIME, ENERGY, AND INSPIRATION TO WRITE + A PRAYER FOR WRITERS" about self-care and staying faithful to the work. Just go and read the whole thing for yourself. It's important.

Family News: 

August was the month for the twins to start school, Malia to go back to work after maternity leave, and Daniel to find a job.

Teaching News:

We spent a good part of August on Acts 6 and 7 and pondering the effect of Stephen's witness on Saul of Tarsus ... who later became the Apostle Paul.

On my teaching Wednesday, we examined Psalm 84 and the Psalmist's love and longing for God and His house.  Oh, that both the leader and the layman would fervently seek the presence of the living God at His house more than programs or entertainment!

Blogging News:

The idea of seeking the presence of the living God carried over into my blogging as well in a fun piece called, "Soaked," recalling some of my high-school French vocabulary. Soaked earned the most page views in August, while "Counting My Blessings," and "Sitting Still," tied for most comments.

Of course, my favorite was "A Bee or Nothing," because this MiMi likes nothing better than writing about her grandkids!

And that's a wrap for August here on the Journey ... I'm so looking forward to what God has in store for September.

What did YOUR August look like? I'd love to know! Leave a comment, or link your own post up to these communities:  Emily's Let's Share What We Learned This Summer,  Crystal's #FreshMarketFriday, and Arabah Joy's Grace&Truth.


  1. Wish your kids the best of luck in their school. :)
    Thanks for blogging also with God's message. I should visit you more often but I get a little busy sometimes.

  2. I always feel so important when you quote something from my blog. :-)

    And it sounds as if you are entering a season of changes as we are here. Lots of excitement in your world!

  3. "...leave people, places and things better than we found them."

    A good rule for life...


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