Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Year in Review

Another year has came and went on the Journey. As always, I like to stop and reflect on the posts written over the last year.

January was a month of snow days and soup making. My most viewed post was Send Some Joy and talked about the need for snail mail. Nothing replaces a handwritten note! (Even if my handwriting is atrocious.) 

My post receiving the most comments in January was January 9th's Friday's Fave Five. I love the FFF meme and group of bloggers! They are so faithful to visit and comment. 

February saw me linking up with a new community at Once a month, we share what we learned that month. It's definitely became one of my favorite memes. My most viewed and commented-upon post was "What I Learned in February."

In March, I was busily concocting my theme for the A-Z and the day I announced the Big Reveal, I received the most comments for the month. I also learned it is tough to be a food blogger! So much work and toward the end, I just linked to other people's pics.  Another popular post in March was the Fave Five post for March 13 in which I reveal my recipe for Slow cooker Tortellini Spinach Soup and a great quote from Edie at

I've made that soup many times now, and we are still crushing on it.

April is A-Z month where I join a group of bloggers blogging every day except Sunday on a letter of the alphabet. Here is the landing page for my series which was entitled Feasting Body and Soul from A-Z.  

To make things easy on myself, I did not post in anything else except the A-Z and my April Let's Share What We Learned. I learned I miss my regular posting schedule.

May 11th's Daybook and Friday's Fave Five on May 8 chronicled life on the Journey as we celebrated Mother's Day and took a trip to an azalea farm.

On the first day of June, I wrote about What I Learned in May and used a little different format. I reminisced about our visit to see the twins for the first time in Throwback Thursday: On Our Way. I also talked about some insights received on the Prodigal Son in Lesson Learned.

I also thought back over June and shared the highlights in What We Learned in June. There were a lot of thought provoking events in June, chiefly the SCOTUS ruling on marriage and the massacre of 9 people at a prayer meeting. It's still hard to wrap my mind around these events but as I said then, and it's still true now, we need to respond in love even as we stand up for our principles.  
In July I wrote about the joys of being a kid versus an adult in "I'd rather be a ..."

All things considered ... it is even Steven on whether it is better to be a kid or an adult. Life is beautiful no matter what age group you are in ...

I decided to share a message I'd been given for our Wednesday night bible study in August and September. Are you Part of the 300?, Part One, Part Two and Part Three was definitely one of my favorites of the year. 

My August 14th Friday's Faves post generated a lot of interest in which we talked about quotes. I love me a pithy quote!

I also began a fruitful partnership with the Christian blogger community at The Loft. In August we discussed What's on Your List?

September found me sharing at The Loft the reason my blog exists, Jerralea's Journey: How it all Began. I discussed the movie "War Room" in a Friday's Fave Five post.

October, of course, is the 31 Day challenge. This year, my theme was 31 Days of Life Stories. By the end of October, I guarantee you will know more about me than you wanted!

November found me discussing Max Lucado's "Glory Days" and sharing about road trips in November 13's Friday's Fave Five and in my Daybook, I shared a great quote:

"God's business is change, and He is open for business." - Rev. Kim Ferguson

In fact, 2015 could actually be called a year of change for me. Tremendous change at my local fellowship of believers where I meet. Change in some of my responsibilities, change in family dynamics ...

One of my favorite posts written in December was "Unwrapping Christmas," because I find on this Journey I'm on, there is something new to experience, to understand, to know every day.

I hope you are on the same journey Home that I am. Fellowship as we travel is so sweet. Be assured that your comments and sharing here at the Journey mean more than you'll ever now!

Now, bring on 2016! 


I'm linking up this post to Writer's Workshop in response to prompt #5:  A year in review! Compile a years worth of your best blog posts and pictures.

What were the highlights of your year? Tell us in the comments, or consider linking up a post at Kat Bouska's blog, Mama's Losin' It. 


Simply Linda said...

I had not thought about posting about the year, friend...I did relook over it though...great post Jerralea...Many Happy New Year Blessings to you.

ellen b. said...

It's always an interesting exercise to go back and sum up the year. I am on the journey home, too! Happy New Year to you...

betty said...

Good to sum up the year of blogging like you did :) Lots of great posts you wrote!

Happy New Year!


Leah Adams said...

What a neat post! I love the summary and highlights of your blogging year. I'm so glad you are part of The Loft. We are a richer community because you are with us!

Faith said...

I enjoyed your year in review....I haven't had the time to do mine yet and don't even know if I will this year :) as the Lord is prompting me to do a devotional about being intentional....i'm hoping to write and post it later today.

If i don't make it back here before the start of the new calendar year, I do wish you and your family a very healthy, happy New Year!!

Lisa notes... said...

Even though I don't write FFFs any more, I do still love reading those that others write! Thanks for your faithfulness this year (again) in sharing yourself with us through your writings, Jerralea. Happy New Year!

Angie Ballard said...

I love your quote about change! I am learning to embrace change, so that's one I'm going to keep handy :) And your Spring pictures are fabulous! I'm REALLY not a winter person, so I particularly love seeing pictures of Spring blooms as soon as Christmas Day is over!

Mama Kat said...

I love your wrap up! And look how the twins have grown. So much happens in a year!