Tuesday, September 30, 2014

31 Days of Life on the Journey

Jerralea's Journey is all about my journey that began at age 14 when I threw in my lot with the Lord and started traveling toward Home.  I like to share with you the glimpses I find of Him along the way along with whatever insights and lessons I learn.

For the next 31 days I will be sharing vignettes of my life experiences on the Journey.

This year will be my third year of participating in the 31 day writing challenge held every October over at the Nester's place. (You really ought to go there.  You will love it!)

To make things a little different in 2014, I will also be writing in conjunction with the 31 days of free writes over at Heading Home.

I like me a challenge!

I will write each day for 5 minutes on a prompt as it relates to my life on this journey as a Christ-follower, wife, mother, grandmother, homemaker, writer - you know, all those different hats I wear as I try to become what Christ has called me to be. 

I will link each post back to this page. I'd love it if you'd bookmark this page and check in from time to time. I'd especially love it if you would be willing to comment on anything you relate to in my post. We are in this Journey together and we need each other to uplift, inspire and sometimes even correct. :)

The link up begins October 1 at 8 p.m. EST. Until tomorrow ...

Day 1: Move

Day 2:  View

Day 3:  New

Day 4:  Learn

Day 5:  Stuck

Day 6:  Know

Day 7:  Go

Day 8:  Say

Day 9:  Join

Day 10:  Care

Day 11:  Teach

Day 12:  Rest

Day 13:  Work

Day 14:  Away

Day 15:  Life

Day 16:  Adjust

Day 17:  Long

Day 18:  Taste

Day 19:  Honor

Day 20:  Fear

Day 21:  Second

Day 22:  Expected

Day 23:  Look

Day 24:  Dare

Day 25:  Enjoy

Day 26:  Visit

Day 27:  Free

Day 28:  Wake

Day 29:  Unite

Day 30:  First

Links in case you can can't get enough of the Journey ;)
In 2012, I wrote on encouragement in my series, "31 Days of Encouragement."  You can read all my posts here.

The following year, my theme was "31 Basics for Believers." Click here to read those posts.


betty said...

Good luck with it! I considered doing it, but not sure how time will be over the next month to stay committed to it :)


Joyful said...

Looking forward to this journey with you! I love hearing your stories.