Monday, September 29, 2014

Daybook: 09.29.14


Outside my window... a cool beautiful fall morning.  Temp is 54°

I am thinking... about Home today.  I heard this great song by The Martins.  It's been on my flash-drive for months now but this is the first time I really focused and listened to it. Here is the chorus to "Come On In:"

Come on in
Welcome home
You are loved
And you belong here now
No matter where you've been
Come on in
Come on in

Okay, I can't resist sharing this - here is the YouTube version of the whole song:

Be blessed!

I am thankful... for the week off I just had. I enjoyed it immensely.

In the kitchen... it will be pasta night since I have an appointment after work.  It seems that Mondays often end up being some kind of pasta ... tonight's will be traditional spaghetti and garlic bread.

I am wearing... a wild multi-colored tunic and black capris and sandals.  It's supposed to get up to 84° so I'm wearing sandals and capris while I still can!

I am creating...banners.  I made one for our bedroom and now I'm working on one to go in the dining room.  I may have a new obsession ...

I am going...back to work.  Stay-cation is over.

I am reading... I know it's crazy, with having a week off, but I didn't read!  Too many other things grabbing my attention, I guess.

I am get back into the groove at work.

I am looking forward to...a trip up to Giant City park.  We are planning on going up there week after next.  There should be some fall leaf color then - I'm already beginning to see some change.

Around the house... things are looking good!

I am pondering... a challenging portion of scripture: Ephesians 5:15-17.  It encourages me to make the most of my time.

A favorite quote for today... 

"If God can use small things to change the course of History, He could even use YOU!"

I saw this on YouTube.  If God can use a small inanimate thing like the rock David threw to kill Goliath and gain a victory for the Israelites, what could He do with a sold-out believer?

One of my favorite things...something newly organized. Right now, I'm loving my storage cabinet in the utility room. And, ta-da!  The new file system is DONE!

A few plans for the rest of the week: I guess you could say this is pamper week, I have appointments both with the nail salon and with my stylist.  The rest of the week I plan to continue getting my 31 Days of Life on the Journey series ready.

A peek into my day...

Because who can resist dreaming about the beach?

The daybook is a concept created by Peggy Hostetler.  You can link up at her blog, The Simple Woman's blog.


Joyful said...

{{sig}} the end of stay-cation! :(
I only had a 3 day weekend (enjoyed it very much) but I am having a hard time getting back into the groove! :) A Stay-cation is what I really need to get some things done around the house. I am going to tackle something every night this week (except tonight) to get things done. Pasta is always my go to meal when I draw a blank...

betty said...

What a cute banner! Seems like you did enjoy your stay cation :) Love your dinner for tonight, can never get enough spaghetti and garlic bread :)


Dianna said...

Jerralea, I do hope that your starting back to work yesterday was a good experience. I always found it hard to go back (even though I loved teaching) after being home for any length of time.

Love your glad that you shared a picture!

Betsy said...

Love the banner!!