Friday, May 8, 2020

Wrap Up the Week with Joy

It's time to focus on the good stuff.

I like to reflect on my week each Friday when possible. This is kind of a unique Friday, because ... we're gearing up to go back to church!

As you may know, I live and work in one state, but attend church in another. The state I live in is still under a stay-at-home order; but the state where my church is located has released churches to meet as long as they practice social distancing.

We're a small church with a huge sanctuary so there should be ample room to be a safe distance apart; still, I'm excited for corporate worship.

I'm also excited to teach my class again. Instead of the small cozy setting of my class room, we will be meeting in the sanctuary. I'm just so thankful for the opportunity.

On the home front, I finally buckled down and got the last part of my trilogy done! It has only taken me a year and a half to do it. I face a bunch of edits and then the scary part of actually having people read it, but it is such a good feeling to finally type ... The End.

Continued healing: last year the hubs had a scare about his kidneys. This week, test results showed good numbers and the doctor was very pleased. In fact, he had improved. I give God all the praise - and also, I award props to my hubby for faithfully drinking water and kicking the sweet tea habit.

And, as always, the twins bring joy to our lives and brighten our day. Here's a recap of the latest amusing things they've said:

At dinner, Brody was encouraged to "just try a bite of White Chicken Chili. You don't have to eat the beans, just try the broth." After slurping a spoonful, he remarked, "Hey, it's good but a little spicy down my neck."

He's also been saying lately when thirsty, that "his neck is dry."

In Baylee's packet sent home from school, her mom found an activitiy they'd been working on for Grandparent's Day that sadly they never got to have.  She was asked the question:

What do your grandparents do all day while you are at school?

Baylee's answer:  "I think they cook vegetables and watch scary movies. They work outside and water the flowers. Sometimes they go visit family.

She must be talking about Grandma Deena! I never watch scary movies.

And that's a wrap for my week. What about yours? 


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Deb said...

Hello I love these good things about your week. Glad you can go back to church. Our church is gearing up for a return, but not this week. Our leaders said they want to be very cautious. Grandkids say such cute things. it is so good that you have written down what they say. Good memories. Hope you have a good weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!

Wendy said...

I'm glad you're able to go back to your church and that you can spend time with your Grandkids. We're still locked down tight here. Happy Mother's Day.

ellen b. said...

Haha! It's good but a little spicy down my neck! Love it. PTL that hubby's health news was good. A very Happy Mother's Day to you!

Karen said...

Congratulations on the finished trilogy! I thought I would get so much writing done during this down time, but I can't seem to find the chair glue:( I love seeing the world through a little one's eyes. So precious and they do come up with some funny things. Great news for you husband. Happy Mother's Day!

Faith said...

Oh i just love hearing what your grandchildren have to say!! How cute he uses neck for Throat!

How jealous i am that you get to go back to church!!!!!! So perfect and right in time for Mother's Day!!

Congrats on the finished books and praise God your husband is doing well.

Have a blessed weekend!

Barbara Harper said...

How nice that your church will be meeting this week! Ours is taking it on a week by week basis. Our pastor said he attended a meeting of pastors to discuss what to do, and they advised meeting but with no children's ministries or bathrooms. :-O We all agreed that we would pretty much need bathrooms! So far we're still using Zoom, but I don't know when they'll advocate meeting in person. We're small enough that we could probably fit in our space and be 6 feet away from each other. But it's not our building, and we'd probably have to wipe everything down afterward.

Congratulations on finishing your trilogy! I'm on the edit/revising stage of mine as well. I'm having a hard time getting my brain in gear to do it. But I want to get it done.

I'm so thankful your husband is doing well! How fun to hear the grandkids' antics. Happy Mother's Day!

Willow said...

What a good report from the dr! (it's amazing what drinking water will do!)
I love Brody's comments about his neck being dry or the food spicy in his neck.
Congratulations on finishing that first draft! It's an accomplishment worth celebrating!
Happy Mother's Day, yesterday!

Susanne said...

Your grandkids are funny! So cute. Praise God for the good report from the doctor. And good on your hubby for making those changes. That can be really hard to do. Congrats on finishing that trilogy! Wow, that is exciting. Churches are not open around here yet. I think they might be in phase 3. Right now gathering is no more than 15 people and they have to be able to socially distance. I was reading the guidelines for when they do open and wow, they are very strict. No singing is one of them!

Linda Stoll said...

How blessed you are to be able to head back to God's house, friend!

I'm guessing it'll be quite a while for us here in Massachusetts. I'm so grateful He hasn't changed and hasn't left our sides even while everything has turned upside down.