Monday, May 4, 2020

April is past ... What's next?

Most months, I like to write a post reflecting on the highlights of the past 30 days, adding up the joys and concentrating on the lessons learned.

I feel that reflections on the month of April might take a long time to process. One of the things I heard myself and others say was this: "We've never been here before!"

I feel it's important to describe how April looked for me and see if there is anything to be learned from my experiences. I invite you to do the same, and let me know if you can relate.

If we are still around 20 years from now, we might be reminiscing with our grandkids about the 'Rona virus of 2020. I might say things like:

  • Your MiMi spent a lot of time scouting out toilet tissue. She didn't know then how important it was to have at least 2 dozen rolls in stock at all time. Why, in those days, it was pretty well standard that when you put the last roll on the toilet paper holder, you added it to the grocery list and bought more within the next day or two.

  • PaPa's first mask was black. He didn't want to wear it because he felt like he resembled a bandit!

  • MiMi's mask made her glasses steam up.

  • Grocery shopping was an adventure. Only one person at a time could go into the store. You had to keep 6 feet of space at all times between you and the other shoppers. You never knew what you were going to find! It made sense for somethings to not be in stock; other things you couldn't determine why. (For example, our family's favorite brand of pork and beans necessary to our famous stove-top baked beans has been missing for at least 7 weeks. Also? PAM cooking spray and Queso cheese! But I digress.)

  • The worst thing was we could not go to church and see our friends. You couldn't have family parties and picnics. You couldn't go out to eat because there was a thing called SOCIAL DISTANCING!

  • Also, this is the time the fashion trends, "Silver Roots," and "Skunk Stripe" took off.

Seriously, twenty years from now, I'll be able to talk to my grands like adults so I might also relate these things:

  • I felt guilty because while others were suffering, I was living my best life. I loved staying home. I was blessed because my church considered my job essential (basically because we were opening the basement up every day for the food pantry) and I worked half days and worked at home and still got paid.

  • I thought I would get sooo much done but there were days it was tough to function. Not sure why, except that uncertainty is a crushing weight that stifled all iniative to accomplish anything.

  • Some days it was easy to listen to the negative.

  • What helped more than anything was dwelling on the Word. Psalm 91 felt prophetic and was on everyone's lips. Psalm 23 was also a lifeline ... "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want." Depending on the translation you were looking at, it could also say, "The Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need."

  • I also put several versions of the song WayMaker on repeat, reminding myself, "He never stops, He never stops working."

  • There were also good days. Sometimes, I would take care of something that had been piling up and I'd feel so good! Yeah! 

  • My favorite thing accomplished in April was that I decided to send out email devotionals each morning to my bible study class. I love sharing the Word. This is an ongoing project, and if you'd like to get in on receiving them, leave me a message in the comments. The more the merrier!

  • But the main thought in my mind during April was this: Let me not waste this time I've been given!

Now it's May. I'm in a unique position because I live and work in one state and go to church in another state. My church is opening up this weekend for services, yet I'm still working half days and living under a stay-at-home mandate.

Like I said, I'm living my best life.

Whatever May brings, I know my Shepherd will guide me through it.

What about you? Have you found it tough to function? Have you found scripture to anchor you during the flood of negative? Could I pray with you? I'd be honored if you'd share.



Growing Together in Grace and Knowledge said...

I've always loved your wit and you did not disappoint today! lol.

And I also very much liked your quiet insights and introspection with the Lord.

You have turned lemons into lemonade here. :-)

Thanks for sharing.

Faith said...

loved this post!!

Making the best of the NYS pandemic. We have it pretty bad here as you probably know from the news. Our governor is doing his best though and I'm sad that we can't open up the schools again until (hopefully!!) summer school session (6 weeks is required for special ed preK). I am SOOOOO PRAYING we get to have school again come July. And that we get to go on our planned vacation at the end of August.

Skunk stripe...yup...thats currently me. But my hair stylist did say she was willing to come over to do my hair. we would have to do it in the backyard though!! hahahah......

I'm not liking the whole google classroom thing because it's actually more work...but i can't day is only 5 hours now vs 7 and yet I'm still getting a full paycheck as is my husband (he still works same hours but is not allowed to go in to his office...I am able to go into the classroom as are the therapists but we stagger our time there). My oldest daughter hates working from home but she at least is still getting a full time paycheck and our youngest of course would much rather be at college but she's making the best of it AND she gets to start her summer job next week at Starbucks again even though hours are reduced. God is very faithful and He has got this!! The coool thing for me about this rona virus is that more unsaved people...especially colleaugues are asking me about my faith and are more willing to talk about spiritual matters.

have a good week!! (Love your mask by the way!!)

ellen b. said...

How exciting to be able to join together for church services again. Looking forward to that day. Interesting that you live and work in two different states!

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful look back at April - and what a profitable month you had! There were definitely tough days and great days...but the good far outweighed the bad and that is a blessing!! I am looking forward to May - and a return to the salon (hair and nail!!) Have a blessed month ahead!!