Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Checking In - Restored, Favored and Rescued

Something I do from time to time is send an email to someone I know is going through some kind of struggle, or a person I've not heard from in awhile, and I'll put "Checking In," in the subject line.

I know the readers of my blog did not hear from me last week, so I'm checking in. Truth to tell, I got overwhelmed with other projects I was doing and just did not get blogging time carved out.

So, I thought I'd drop in with a little nugget - a Scripture that is like gold to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Restore us, O God; Cause Your face to shine, And we shall be saved! Psalm 80:3

This beautiful thought is expressed in Psalm 80 three different times. I've always believed when scriptures are repeated, we are to take notice.

This Psalm was written to the Shepherd of the Sheep. Psalms itself only calls the Lord Sheperd twice: here and in the 23rd Psalm.

What does a Shepherd do? He feeds, watches over, defends and rescues His sheep.

And in this Psalm, the Shepherd is asked to restore His people. Ever curious, I looked up the word “restore.” It can mean a bringing back to an original state; but when the word “restore” is used biblically it also means made better than the original state. Different translations use the words, “refresh,” “renew,” and “revive” for restoring the soul.

God's people as a whole need their souls restored. He knows just what we need for restoration. Sometimes, we just won't rest unless we have been made to rest. Sheep can be stubborn!

Not only does this Psalm ask for restoration; it asks for favor. "Cause Your face to shine on us" has the idea of God's presence, favor and delight in us. Doesn't your face light up when a loved one is near?

Then we shall be saved. Our one defense is God. Never forget that!

When you truly believe He is your source, and He willingly provides what is needed, peace will come and your soul will be restored.

Restored, favored and rescued ... what could be better?


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  1. Nothing could be better. It's been a while since I've visited - glad I did today!

  2. So glad you checked in...and that I stopped by today! Your words are encouraging. So grateful that whatever the Lord restores is not simply brought back to its original state - but made better!!:)

  3. The Law of the Lord is perfect reviving the soul...

  4. Restored, favored and rescued. I love that line!
    I'll be speaking it over myself with a smile. Thanks! You IMM neighbor. Had trouble leaving my url.

  5. a refreshing, restorative verse, friend ...

    praise God for the Psalms!

  6. There are so so many verses in the Psalms that are soothing and I never grow weary from reading or hearing them. It is like the Shepherd Who loves His sheep no matter what.
    Thanks. ~ linda

  7. Amen! I love that God offers us all we need--we just have to accept it!


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