Friday, November 22, 2019

Praise Post: another blast from the past

I'm sharing a few of the most popular posts from my 2015 Praise Post series. The idea is to offer thanks for 5 things a day, whether it be big or small. 

It's kind of telling that the two most popular posts both involve giving thanks for music. Today's post lists actual favorite songs.

One of the things that brightens my life so much is music. Here are just 5 of my favorite uplifting hymns and praise songs (I have many more!):

  1. It is Well with My Soul - written by a father whose 4 daughters were lost at sea, I cry every time I sing it.
  2. Living by Faith
  3. Ten Thousand Reasons
  4. Here I Am to Worship
  5. Amazing Grace:  My Chains Are Gone
Of course, I have to be extra, so I've linked YouTube videos for each song.

Now in 2019, I must give thanks for a couple more songs that touch my heart:

What a Beautiful Name it Is,
We're Marching On!, and
Glorious Day

Our worship team does the first two songs and I enjoy it so much!

What songs touch your heart? And what things make you want to give praise? Leave a comment and share.

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ellen b. said...

I'm a huge fan of music. Right now I'm really enjoying cds or streaming music from Keith and Kristen Getty.