Monday, October 1, 2018

Day One - Confrontation

He stared at me yet again as I trudged past him like I do every day. And yet again, I refused to respond to his "Hello."

My heels beat out a clicking staccato noise on the pavement as I sped up, noticing the grumbling old bus pull up to the curb.

"Hey lady!" Like a bullhorn, the man yelled after me, "I've something important to share with you."

Ignoring him, I told myself, "I'm a gazelle. I will leap in the air and land on that bus step even if I am wearing Jimmy Choos."

'MORGAN, you WILL listen to this: I have a message for you from God," the man's voice blared like a siren cutting through the cacophony of traffic noises.

Stopping in my tracks, I slowly turned and gazed at him fully in his face for the first time.

Calmly, the man continued, "My name is Kai. I am an angel and God has sent me to tell you this day your soul will be required of you. What good will your accomplishments do you now?"

Dropping like a stone to the ground, I cried out to God before the blackness enveloped me, "Please forgive me!"

Kai knelt beside me and lifting up the spirit Morgan, we slowly disappeared from view, leaving the body Morgan lying on the ground, looking white and lifeless.

Welcome to Day One of my serial, ANGEL ON ASSIGNMENT: THE BOOK OF MORGAN. I admit today's offering is short, but hopefully it raises some questions for you such as: What happened after Morgan and Kai left? Is Morgan still alive? Why did Morgan refuse to speak to Kai? Why did the angel ask "what good will your accomplishments do?" 

For the next 30 days, I hope to show you the answers to these questions and pique your interest in Morgan's story. You might be surprised how the past shaped her future.

Each day, you can go here to see the link for the next installment of the serial.

Tomorrow's offering:  Day Two - Kai's Story Begins

This post was written as part of the Write 31 Days challenge. A whole group of writers will be writing for 31 Days straight on a variety of topics. Click here to check it out!

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Michele Morin said...

Cliff hanger!
And I'm hangin' off the cliff with all the questions!

Lisa notes... said...

Since my daughter's name is Morgan, you pulled me in. :) Looks like an interesting month ahead, Jerralea!

Linda Stoll said...

You go, girl! Write 31 Days and you are a team delivering your story. Enjoy the challenge ...

I admire you!

Leah Adams said...

Waiting, waiting, waiting....for more!

Anita Ojeda said...

A great start! Keep it coming!

Tammy said...

Great writing! Glad I can go read day two now. :D

Jamie Miles said...

How exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing this story unfold.