Thursday, October 11, 2018

Day 11 - Day of Reckoning

“… lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.” Matthew 6:20 NKJV

This was the day!

Kai started his morning with the sure knowing in his gut. The Holy Spirit meant for him to confront Morgan today no matter what happened. If he had to shout his message in front of crowds of people, so be it.

Kai knew this meant today would be his last day on his assignment. He left his keys on the kitchen counter with an extra month’s rent and a note apologizing to the landlord for the short notice, but he’d been called back home. The family needed him. He looked around to see if he’d left the place in good order; but what was he thinking? Angels never made a mess!

He got to the coffeeshop extra early to explain to Sam that he must return home; he had no choice, and so he must give Sam his notice effective immediately.

“Well, now, Kai, I’m so sorry to hear of you leaving us. I have to say, I have never had a barista learn the menu so quickly before; nor have I ever met anyone the customers liked half so well. If you ever find yourself in this area again, a job is waiting for you.”

They shook hands, and Kai felt a momentary sadness to be leaving. He shook it off when he remembered he’d soon be Home!

He quickly joined the crowds on the sidewalk making their way to the bus stop. He positioned himself where he’d be sure to see Morgan approaching.

Wait! There she was, striding toward him in that focused, no-nonsense look she always had about her.

He stepped out into her path and spoke, “Good morning.”

Ignoring him, she sidestepped him and kept on going.

“Hey lady,” like a bullhorn, Kai yelled into the crowd, “I’ve something important to share with you.”

Still no response.

“MORGAN, you WILL listen to this:  I have a message for you from God,” Kai’s voice blared like a siren cutting through the cacophony of traffic noises.

Stopping in her tracks, Morgan slowly turned and gazed at him fully in his face for the first time.

Calmly, Kai continued, “I am an angel and God has sent me to tell you that this day your soul will be required of you. What good will your accomplishments do you now?”

Dropping like a stone to the ground, she hoarsely cried out to God before the blackness enveloped her, “Please forgive me.”

Kai knelt beside her and lifting up the spirit Morgan, disappeared, leaving the body Morgan lying on the ground, looking white and lifeless.

A momentary hush fell on the crowd as everyone peered at the body lying there.

Then someone yelled, “Call 911!”

“What happened?” a lady cried out.

A man said excitedly, “That barista from Sam’s, he yelled at her, I couldn’t get what he said, but she just dropped to the ground.”

“She dropped like she’d been shot,” another person interjected.

“What? She’d been shot? Omigod, is the shooter still here?”

“There’s been a shooting?” someone screamed and pandemonium ensued.

Soon the sound of sirens cut above the noise, and a policeman appeared breaking through the crowd.

“Step aside, now, step aside! Give the lady some air,” he directed as a babble of voices tried to tell him their version of what happened.

Finally getting to the body, he felt her pulse and said, “Make way for an ambulance. There is a faint pulse!”

We are on Day 11 of my serial, Angel on Assignment: The Book of Morgan. Tomorrow, Morgan's side of the story will begin.

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What do YOU think? Where did Kai take Morgan? What happens next? After all, we've 20 more days to go! 

This serial is not intended to be doctrine. Scripture does tell us angels come to warn, bring messages and sometimes watch over us. It also tells us we could possibly unknowingly entertain an angel. My serial is just me imagining how that might look in our present day and time.

Tomorrow's offering: Morgan's Story Begins

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