Friday, January 12, 2018


Today's word is ... SIMPLIFY


Let's be real. Simplify is a toughie for me. I think it would be for any type A personality.

First, it's hard to let go of doing. All. The. Things.

Secondly, it's hard to delegate. Because someone else might not have my vision for the task.

It would mean trusting in someone other than myself.


So yes, simplifying is difficult for me. I view it mainly in terms of clearing the calendar. A journal or planner that has blank pages is an invitation to fill it in sparsely instead of row upon row of boxes to be checked.  I must admit I love nothing more than a row of boxes colored in with bright colors proclaiming my productivity!

In 2018, I'm attempting to somewhat simplify my goals with just two objectives:  write 500 words a day and walk at least 6,000 steps per day totaling 1,000 miles for the year.

Of course, there are other things I'd like to do; but if I could reach the end of 2018 with those things accomplished, I think I can count the year a success.

This works well with my One Word for 2018 because simplifying my objectives make it easier to press on with my eyes on the task.


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MY MUSINGS said...

Hi Jerralea!! I had not had an email from you in forever, but was very pleased to get one today! I like your thoughts on Simplify. You even kept it simple with 2 items to work on. My word for this year is TRUST. I am so glad to have read your post! Hugs~

Kelly Blackwell said...

Jerralea I love your goals. Simple and to the point. I am with you on letting go of control. So often I take on more than I should because I want something done right. I need to let go.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Visiting from FMF #82

Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! I like your take on 'simplify'. Not just clearing your calendar, but really tapering down your goals.
As I read you describe yourself as a Type A, I had to wonder...are all bloggers Type A personalities? I know I am, and I know many who have written about their struggles with it too. So we are at least in good company.

I wish you every success in the year ahead as you simplify your goals. I haven't chosen a word yet, but I've challenged myself to have it done by this weekend. Wonder what it will be??
God's blessings and peace,

Tammy said...

Great goals. I'm walking, too. :D