Thursday, January 11, 2018

The best part of my day ...

There’s a well-known jingle that goes, “The best part of waking up is Folger’s in your cup.”

I do drink Folger’s and I smile thinking about the song every morning. Then I got to thinking, “What is the best part of my day?”

The best part of my day is … when the kids come over for dinner.

Two-Thirds of My Heart!

Although the actual eating of dinner is not calming – by this, I mean we are constantly telling the twins to sit down, or we are having to jump up to get “more noodles” as Brody likes to sing out, or cleaning up a mess.

My favorite part is after dinner when I get to play with the twins.

Sometimes, it is helping Baylee with her puzzles. By helping, I mean I am handing her the pieces; but, I am not allowed to actually place a piece in the puzzle. “No, I do it myself,” is Baylee’s mantra. However, if I start talking to someone else in the room or watch some of Brody’s show with him, she starts saying, “MiMi, will you help me?” In other words, “MiMi, I need your attention squarely on me.”

I’m always glad to give her my attention because I’m fascinated by her. I love watching her face and her hands as she figures out where each piece goes.

When I help Brody with a puzzle, he, too, wants to do it himself for like the first third of the puzzle. Then he accepts help; and finally, he runs off to do something else saying over his shoulder, “You finish it, MiMi.”

So, I do, and then call him to come see the finished work. Delightedly he has to show it to PaPa, “Look what I did.”

Seems like he will make a great boss someday! (Taking credit for someone else’s work.)

Recently, we were drawing together, Brody and I. He would say, “Draw a rabbit,” and I would do my best. Then it was “Draw a car,” but my car turned out to look more like a turtle. He got a big kick out of that, so then when my drawings would not look like what he had suggested, I would turn it into an animal and he would cackle with laughter.

I would do anything to hear that laughter!

They make me laugh as well. For example, after they came in one evening shortly after Christmas and took their coats and shoes off and put on their bibs, I went to carry in the food into the table. I walk in to find Brody, wearing his bib, stretched out on the floor, looking sad.

I say, “Brody, what are you doing?”

Brody:  “I’m not very happy today.”

Imagine a 3-year-old saying that. It cracked me up! If you could’ve seen the expression on his face! Brow furrowed, eyes downcast and laying on the floor for all the world like he was stretched out in a casket.

I mean, imagine if grown-ups laid in the floor every time they were not very happy. Life would be an obstacle course, for sure.

When questioned why he wasn’t very happy, it turned out he was disappointed that PaPa had taken down the tree and put up the decorations. He felt it was still Christmas. We had to explain Christmas will come back, but in the meantime, there was Valentines Day, Easter and his birthday to anticipate.

His eyes brightened up at the word, “birthday.”

However, I’m not looking forward to his birthday. He’s growing up too soon as it is ...

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KatBouska said...

So sweet! I get to take care of my three little nieces everyday and often find myself thinking "What if grown ups acted like that" would be so funny to see adults re-enact some of their conversations! Cherish the days!

ellen b. said...

I'm lacking a best part of my day now for several weeks, as in not being able to cuddle my little grand girlie. sigh. I do have other best parts of my day, thankfully. Fun interactions you had with your twins. So sweet.

Linda Stoll said...

Absolutely! Any time the kiddos are around.

It's too bad they live 3 and 9 hours away. Needless to say, our full family table isn't full that often.

Madamdreamweaver said...

I think I should try that laying on the floor when I'm not happy thing.

John Holton said...

Cherish those moments. I'm sure they will, too.

John - The Sound of One Hand Typing