Friday, September 8, 2017


1. This week, I'm praising God for being with my husband and me through a time of testing ...

We'd had a couple of whirlwind weeks - crazy things like locking my keys in the car, leaving my phone in another person's vehicle and discovering it hours later, car break downs - you know, the stuff of life.

In the midst of the busy, it was time for a routine doctor visit for Jim. While there, the doctor said he could hear a heart murmur that hadn't been there when Jim first started going to him. An echo-cardiogram was scheduled.

The day of the echo was especially crazy. The results looked troubling and a heart cath was then scheduled...

Which brought us to this week. I decided I better go and find out the whole scoop, so I took off work for the day and at o'dark thirty we presented ourselves to the hospital. Jim was taken back to get ready for the test and the physician's assistant came out to introduce herself to me.

"Hi, I'm Jennifer. I'll be co-coordinating your husband's heart valve team."

Team!!! He needs a team?

I quickly learned the doctor thought we were in a severe situation. To say I was blind-sided is an understatement.

While testing went on all morning, thankfully I was alone in the waiting room, free to pace up and down the floor talking this thing out with God. I had family and prayer partners praying in agreement with us.

Long story, short:  what was thought to be severe aortic stenosis turned out to be moderate. No surgery at the present time.


While I would have preferred an instantaneous healing and was dreaming of the doctor saying, "It's a miracle, I cannot find anything wrong," I'm thankful the dire predictions didn't come to pass. It's a journey, and I know God will walk us through every step of the way.

Other highlights of the week:
2. Sunday night, our church had a special singing and fellowship. We had a wonderful time. I love times like those!

3. Monday was Labor Day AND Janae's birthday. We had a great time celebrating God's gift to us. Any family celebration is a highlight in my book.

4. Cool weather came to my neck of the woods! Yay! I may or may not have thrown a pot of soup together for last night's dinner ...

Y'all, I love me some soup!

5. The calendar is free tomorrow. Oh yes, there are things I must do, but nothing SCHEDULED. You don't know how welcome that is! 

And that wraps up the first week in September on my Journey ... How did YOUR week go? I'd love to know! Leave a comment, or link up a post of your own at Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story, where a great group of bloggers, the Friday's Favorite Five community, meet each Friday to share the blessings God has given them in their lives.


I'm also sharing at Crystal's #FreshMarketFriday and Arabah Joy's Grace&Truth communities.


Monica said...

So glad things were not a dire as first expected. Will continue to pray for his healing! I loved those church gatherings too. Part of what I miss not "belonging" to any one church right now. Yes, this cooler weather in our area is very nice. I wish I could enjoy it without dreading the coming winter... LOL! Hope you have a wonderful UNSCHEDULED weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, hurray, for the comfort of prayer and the results. Our health can take a turn at any time and what a blessing that your husband is okay.

Cool weather and a pot of homemade soup, this is what I am dreaming of. But it probably won't happen for another 6 weeks or so.

It is encouraging and just plain fun to have a time of worship with church folk outside of the regular times.

I hope your week has many pockets of refreshment even if your days are BUSY.

Barbara H. said...

Oh wow! So glad your husband's situation was not as bad as expected. I love unscheduled days. Even if they are busy - it's nice to be able to get to other things we can't, usually, due to the scheduled stuff. I've been rejoicing in cooler weather this week, too, and am planning soup for tonight! Glad you had a nice Labor Day and family celebration!

Jazzmin said...

I am so glad to read that it did not end up being what was feared. Praise God. My heart and prayers are with you and your husband that his health will only improve and God will bless his health overall. I know waiting like that is not easy, but what an inspiration in faith to have you share how you talked things out with the Lord. The best way to seek comfort during those times of worry, indeed.
Hope you enjoy your free day :) Those free, no major plan sort of days on the calendar are something to be cherished. I love those kinds of days that are open-ended and you kind of just go where they may take you.

Hugs and blessings!
Have a wonderful day, Jerralea!

ellen b. said...

Thankful things were better for hubby than first expected. Whew is right. Hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend and it stays cool enough for soup!

Ann said...

Medical issues are so stressful. Wonderful that things turned out better than you first thought.

Faith said...

Heart scary! If you recall my husband had a full blown heart attack at age 48 3 years ago TODAY! man.....I was praying for days and thankfully they got him to the hospital in time and got the stent in. I had a heart appt yesterday after 3 different tests (EKG, ECHO and PET) and was told my heart is absolutely healthy, strong and all in good working condition. Went in with simple chest pain and cardiologist said it must have been the vodka tonic i had been drinking. So no more vodka tonics for me!! :) Seriously though I am glad your husband got good care and that you could be there for him.

I love the cooler temps for homemade soups!! Tonight it will be a bit cool here so my oldest daughter had requested my chicken and dumplings. Comfort food!!

Love times of fellowship like what you described in your church.

Blessings to you this weekend, Jerralea. I will add your husband to my prayer list.

Leah Adams said...

I am so thankful the Lord watched over your husband and gave you a better outcome than originally expected. Praise God!

Willow said...

Oh Jeralea! My heart almost stopped as I was reading your report--I remember sitting by the phone all day (for days) waiting to hear news of my brother's tests and surgeries. End result was good--a pace maker; but he's alive and well now. So glad you weathered that storm through prayer.
Happy Birthday to Janae and hurray for a pot of home cooked soup! (I love me some soup too)

Michele Morin said...

Wow, really glad for the outcome of your husband's tests. What an experience of trusting God!

Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! What a scare with your husband! I'm so glad that it all worked out well...well, better than originally expected anyway. I'm sure your husband was very surprised too.
It's a little cooler here too, but it's supposed to get to the 80's this weekend. I'm not complaining!

Susanne said...

Wow, that was a scary situation with your hubby's health. I'm so glad that in the end it was better news than at first thought. I love how you reacted by taking it right away to the Lord while you were waiting.