Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Morning Page - Same Power

One of the songs that comes up on my Pandora list continually is Jeremy Camp's "Same Power." This phrase runs on a continuous loop throughout my subconscious: The same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us, lives in us."

(YouTube video)

It's scriptural - the notion that resurrection power lives in you:

The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. (Romans 8:11a NLT)

When you stop and think about it, the very idea of that kind of power residing in our inner beings is mind-boggling.

The Creator of the Universe, the All-Powerful One, the God-of-more-than-enough, came to live in my heart when I accepted Him as my Savior -- could there be anything more awesome?

Knowing this, it's kind of crazy when fears, insecurities and plain old doubts raise up their ugly heads and keep me from living out my calling.

... the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. Daniel 11:32

It's time to face those fears!


I'm linking up with the community at #TellHisStory because His Story is that He is all powerful yet wants to do life with us. I can't get over it ...


Bethany McIlrath said...

Crazy, isn't it?! I love this song and the "greater is He" by MercyMe. They both remind me of the truth we learn in God's Word and in living life as believers- THAT God, the I am, the Mighty One, is living in us. Working in us, on us, and through us. How awesome!!

Linda Stoll said...

Appreciating this song, Jerralea. Thank you for sharing what ministers to your heart. Beautiful ...

ellen b. said...

It really is amazing to think about.

Jamie Miles said...

I agree. The thought does bring a new (amazing) perspective to how I approach each moment.