Friday, May 19, 2017

F.F.F.- May 19

Seems like forever since I was able to participate in a Friday's Favorite Five, an exercise encouraging bloggers to find at least 5 favorites, or highlights, in their week.

It's really a great thing to do; a matter of counting your blessings, so to speak. I'm always able to find at least five - and sometimes more.

First on my list: Enjoying a week of stay-cation. There is nothing I like better than days filled with small to-do projects, trips to the lake, and let's not forget sleeping in. I could live a life of retirement very easily! (I mean, if we don't think about money ...)

Secondly, it's been beautiful around here since the rain has stopped. We had some anxious days watching the flash flood reports and observing the stages of the rising Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. Thankfully, all is well, and the by-product of all this rain are some gorgeous roses!

Number 3 on my list is dozing in the sun lakeside. I've been able to do it three times this month!

Fourthly, Mother's Day was a lovely day with all my kid-lings. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter time.

Finally, a scripture that has been speaking to me recently:

Praise be to the Lord, to God my Savior, who daily bears my burdens. Psalm 68:19

Some translations say He "daily loadeth us with benefits." Either way, doing the daily with Him is so comforting ...

And that's a wrap on recent doings on the Journey. How was YOUR week? I'd love to know! Leave a comment, or consider linking up and sharing your 5 favorites at Susanne's space, Living to Tell the Story.


Karen said...

Your week sounds lovely, Jerralea. I could easily fall into the retirement routine, too! Enjoy your weekend.

Barbara H. said...

Your stay-cation sounds wonderful. Glad the rain stopped and you didn't have any flooding. Mother's Day spent with or at least touching base with the kids is the best - glad you were able to do so!

Linda Stoll said...


Yes, He is there for us day in and day out.

Makes me ponder ... am I there for Him in the same way?

Kari said...

Hi Jerralea, what a lovely sounding stay-cation week. Dozing off in the sun is something I love to do too although it does get a little windy where I am..
Thank goodness there was no flash flooding.

Faith said...

I could SOOO retire right now but there's this little thing called getting the 2nd child through college...she graduates from high school in just 6 more weeks so working for another 3-4 is a necessity for us to avoid those nasty private loans!

LOVE dozing by a lake...i hope to do that over Memorial Day weekend on my kayak!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that Bible verse is a GOOD one! I just love the Psalms anyways....

Willow said...

I've been reading through Psalms this past week in the Chronological Bible and have been reminded again and again of the encouragement Psalms bring.

Hurray for stay-cations. I think that is what retirement sort of feels like.

I'm glad you weathered the rains ok. Floods are scarier than earthquakes, I think.

Have a great weekend with more snoozing.

Susanne said...

The staycation sounds great as does snoozing by the lake! So glad the flooding stayed away. Having all the kids home on Mother's day is always a wonderful blessing.