Thursday, May 25, 2017


Last week, I was off on a stay-cation. It was glorious.

I've now worked at my present job for 12 years, earning 4 weeks of vacation annually. Considering my budget, usually only one of those weeks would involve a trip away from home.

I've learned to spread out my weeks so that I get time off each quarter.

I love it!

I'm well aware that some feel stay-cations should involve seeing the local sights. I'm all for that; however, my idea of local sights is seeing how many lakes I can visit during my time off.

I also love stay-cations to stay home fluffing my nest. Am I the only one that gets behind on all the little things that need to be done to maintain a home? I feel I do a pretty good job of keeping the house picked up, the laundry done and put away and meals cooked. But lurking behind closet and cabinet doors and other unmentionable places, clutter is waiting to attack me!

And, there is always organizing to be done!

If I'm not careful, my week of stay-cation will turn into a marathon of projects.

My husband makes me take at least one whole day to go to the lake away from anything that might need to be organized.

I also have this little trick I learned from Flylady:  I control my workaholic tendencies by using a timer. 30 minutes of work; 30 minutes of fun throughout the day.

Of course ... my idea of fun is rearranging my necklaces, long to short, matching up colors. Or hey! styling a bookcase!


This post was written in response to Writer's Workshop prompt #4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: staycation. You can join in the fun at Mama's Losin' It.


betty said...

The older I get, I like staycations better than traveling. Sometimes more relaxing. Sounded like you had a nice week.


Monica said...

I love stay-cations too however hubby does not. So I usually just take a couple days to make a longer weekend and "fluff" my nest. :) Because I also get 4 weeks now I can easily make this happen too.

Faith said...

Some times I like stay-cations if the weather is decent for me to do some local bike trails or kayak on some of the close to home ponds/lakes. But I usually end up doing house projects or photo book projects! I tend to do a week of Staycation during the February break. As a teacher i don't get a choice of weeks off.

But I firmly believe ALL people...especially women....need to get away for at least a long weekend if not a week at least a couple times a year. SO important for unwinding. As Americans we really do not know how to vacation.

HOpefully you got to a couple of your fave lakes!!

John Holton said...

With the cost of everything these days, staycationing can be worth it. I used to take my vacations at odd times during the year, and we'd just stay home and relax.

Marva | SunSparkleShine said...

Jerralea, just this morning I was thinking about using the long weekend for a personal retreat with God. In spite of the cleaning tasks (which never seem to end) I'm glad you got some time to venture out and enjoy your staycation.
By the way, I miss running into you at the Loft linkup. So glad we can still stay connected.

ellen b. said...

Love the timer idea. My sister and I were just talking about how much you can get done in 2 minutes. Now if you go for 30 minutes it really is amazing what you can get done. Glad you are taking some time away from the fray, too!

Susanne said...

I find lakes wonderful places for relaxation. Take the lawn chair, a good book and sparkling water and I'm all set. Wonderful that you get to take a week per quarter. I like the timer idea too!

KatBouska said...

I don't know why I stopped paying attention to Fly Lady. She always has such great tips. 30 minutes work, 30 minutes play...I like that! But your "Play" is a lot more productive than mine! :)

Abby said...

A little staycation can be wonderfully rejuvenating! Fluffing the nest feels good too. Smart Flylady tip.

Miaismine said...

You and I are organizing sisters! I love to organize, too! You know though, I love your idea of 1/2 hour cleaning/organzing and 1/2 hour of fun! Your lake pictures are so pretty! Thank you for sharing!