Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Welcome to The Loft 2017!

Welcome back to the Loft! #TheLoft
We’re happy to welcome you to another year of conversation, community, networking, and Christian growth.

We can’t wait to get started.

Each week we provide a topic to start the conversation. Then, Wednesday morning at 5 a.m. EST, the link goes live, and for five glorious days you can link up your post on that week’s topic. This link will close at 5 p.m. EST on Monday. Conversation:
The Loft is like a group of friends sitting around a table at a coffee shop having a chat about a specific topic. It’s a weekly hangout of Christians spending time thinking, praying and writing on the topic. We rely on the God’s guidance in His Word as we encourage, equip and energize each other. There will be writers from all walks of life and writing styles. We can learn from each other so join us here at this trusted source for Christian community. So we can keep things “spot on” all posts you link need to be related to the topic of the week.

Connection – of One Mind - Topic Driven #TheLoft:

Topics for January:

  • 18th Top 5 goals for 2017
  • 25th If you could go back to the day you accepted Christ, what would you tell yourself?


If you’re not a blogger, you’re more than welcome to join in by leaving your comments in the comment section. We need to hear your voice. You matter.

Listening is a lost art.

Because this our conversation is sent through the web, we believe by reading and participating you will be richly rewarded at the loft. Please don’t link and run. For every link you leave, please visit at least two other links and if the message resonates with you feel free to share. We're encouraged by your participation.


  1. Be creative: Feel free to use words, photos, video, audio, you family pet, whatever to communicate on the weekly topic.
  2. Listen twice as much. If you leave one link, visit two.
  3. Be a community. Include #The Loft graphic and/or hashtag in your post and social media so we can find each other. Also, share the great stuff you find when you visit around… We’ll be doing the same.
  4. Write like Jesus would write. We are a Christian link-up. Offensive or inappropriate posts will be deleted. No questions asked.
  5. Be pertinent. Our heart is to build community and intimacy, and our means to do that is to build each link-up around a single topic. Please make sure your post is on the topic.
  6. Link-up: When you link up at the Loft, your link will appear on two blogs. We’d love for you to visit the loft co-hosts and know who we are: Christine and Jerralea

We are so thankful for the groundwork laid by Leah Adams last year on providing a safe place for the community to link up and have conversation at The Loft 2016. She will be joining us from time to time as the Lord leads and we will be thankful to have her input.

THE LOFT IS NOW OPEN! Please link-up!

Our topic today is top five goals for 2017Don't have 5 goals, but only 3 instead? No goals at all? Why or why not? Link up and tell us what is on your heart. Next week, we'll discuss what you would say to your new Christian self. I can't wait! 

Now it's time to go to The Loft.

You can enter The Loft through this link:

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1 comment:

Michele Morin said...

Hi, Jerralea and Christine! I haven't written a post about goals for 2017, even though I was chosen by a word: "STANDING"
Some of the outcome of that word is that I'm trusting to be more open to new things, new opportunities to serve and to be challenged in 2017. The book discussion group I've started on the blog is part of that investigation . . .
Another goal is that I want to re-read some favorite books in 2017 and find time for some much-loved fiction. Then there's the usual post-50 goal of healthy life choices.
Blessings to you both with your own goal-setting.
I'll be back later to read some of the amazing work of those who link up!