Friday, January 13, 2017

It's Friday, Lovely Friday!

Although a nasty day here in the mid-west, I do believe I can praise God for the special blessings He has given me this week.

1.An ice storm has been predicted for our area, but so far we just have rain. We still have power and internet so I'm a happy camper.

2. I'm thankful for boots and umbrellas!

3. I've been feasting on the book, "The Daniel Prayer" by Anne Graham Lotz. I'm barely half way through and have really found a lot of ideas to challenge me.

4. We had a guest speaker Wednesday who spoke on Philippians 2:13. She did a wonderful job and I was greatly encouraged. The next morning I opened one of the email devotionals I receive and guess what it said?

"I am at work in your life through the desires of your heart." Phil. 2:13

I love when God confirms a word! Let me ask you a question. Who do you think put that desire in your heart in the first place?

Something to think about ...

5. This week, The Loft reopened. Christine Malkemes, from Whispered Words of Wisdom, and I will be co-hosting this wonderful community of Christian bloggers each Wednesday. I'm thankful for the opportunity.

Speaking of wonderful communities, the Friday's Fave Five blogging community is a wonderful group who seek each week to find 5 highlights and share the news God is still at work in our everyday lives. The link-up is hosted by the lovely Susanne, and you can link up at her blog, Living to Tell the Story.

And that is a wrap on my week ... how was YOURS?


Faith said...

You must be getting the rain storm we had here in eastern NY yesterday. Yup..still no snow here even though all around us has the white stuff. It's weird! Winter again with no snow.
That could change though as it often does up here in the great northeast. :)

I love when God's Word is confirmed by a variety of sources....!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Hope the ice bypasses you and you keep power and Internet service. Somehow I don't remember having an umbrella growing up. I depend on them now!

Willow said...

I'm thankful for my rain boots and my warm jacket (I wrote about the jacket).
I hope you are still ok in the ice and cold. My girls/boy out there have said it's not so bad...
I love it when God confirms His Word!

Susanne said...

So glad you didn't get the predicted ice storm! I haven't had rain boots or an umbrella in many, many years. It's wonderful to find a book that can really challenge us.

Anonymous said...

Dire weather thwarted - hurray!
I love how you phrased your learning from AGL's book; feasting indeed.