Wednesday, January 11, 2017

All I Need

2016 was a good year for me. I know a lot of people have felt disappointed with the way things turned out this year, but personally, it was a blessed twelve months here on the Journey.

It's as though it was a year of blessing. We had such a wonderful atmosphere at church all year long - an air of excitement, of wonder, of anticipation.

It was a year of growth - certainly spiritually, but also physically and mentally as we observed the twins grow and mature.

As it always does, life has now brought some changes as we look ahead to 2017. 

Some good, as in the new year will usher in the birth of our third grandchild this summer.

Some more challenging, as in changes in our leadership at church will again take place.

I was feeling a little down-hearted when it occurred to me that now was an opportunity to watch God at work. 

After all, He has promised to supply our needs.

In fact, why worry at all? I have the rare privilege of seeing how the Master will coordinate His plan and bring it to fulfillment.

I was reminded of one of those great and precious promises:  The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.


The Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need.

Both ways of saying Psalm 23:6 mean basically the same thing, but somehow that second rephrasing packs a punch.

Do you believe He is your Shepherd and you are not going to want? If so, then start rejoicing, you have all you need.

Let that sink in ... You have what you need when you have Him.


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Linda Stoll said...

Your 'why worry?' question caught my eye, Jerralea. It's become a default mode for most of us.

If we sat for just a bit with those 2 words, we'd discover the futility of it all.

And the need for quickly releasing our stuff to Him as soon as it crosses our radar.

Thanks for this gift today, friend.

Carlie Lake said...

When we realize we have all that we need we can stat rejoicing. I love that sentiment and by God's guidance I have chosen joy for my one word this year. Thank you, Jerralea, for a timely reminder that we can rejoice in the Lord for He is all that we need.

Karen said...

Having been raised hearing the KJV, the first time I read the 23rd Psalm in the NLT version, I immediately grasped that deeper is now my version of choice and I frequently compare verses between several different translations...

Here's to a fantastic 2017!!

Anonymous said...

I like that focus. I have everything I need...
I don't know if I said it before but congratulations on the new grand on the way!

Leah Adams said...

"The Lord is my shepherd, I have everything I need." What a wonderful reminder that, in Christ, we have all we need for this life and the next. Bless you, my friend.

Faith said...

I love that way of saying it....the Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need. SO TRUE!! loved reading this!! (and worry is a easy to slip into but so much more important to strive for Philippians 4 about being anxious for NOTHING....and give everything (all those worries and fears) over to JESUS! He can take em. :)

Jennifer Cook said...

So exciting that the new year holds the hope of a new grandchild.
We welcomed a new puppy to our house this year. I am done having children, but I look forward to the farther future where grandchildren may come along. Prayers that your new year is full of whispered words of wisdom and time at the #Loft! Nice to read your blog, Jenn

Anonymous said...

Last year was a year of hard things - losing family members, surgery and sickness - but God was ever there, with me, bringing me blessings in the daily! There was still love, hugs, garden flowers, goodness mixed in with the hard but I kept my eyes on the goodness he brings. One son graduates high school in May - and another son and his wife have their first baby in July! We are both blessed! Shalom!