Sunday, October 16, 2016


First, I must say a personal word to my readers. So far, during the 31 Day challenge, I've been encountering a few obstacles. Some internet provider issues and the fact I've been out of town has made it difficult to post daily. In fact, yesterday was the first time I missed a day posting in any of my 31 Day challenges or A-Z challenges over the years. Some days, it has been near midnight before I was able to get my post published. Now, I'm fighting a little challenge with an infected and swollen arm that makes typing a wee bit difficult.

However, all this just fits in with my theme of Examining the Journey. The truth is the Journey is filled with obstacles, twists and turns. As always, the question is do I give up or press on?

May I always answer, press on!

Yesterday's word was Move and I will post on that subject below. Later on today, there will be a post for Sunday's word, Little, and then I will be back on track.

Thank you, everyone who reads the Journey. You mean more to me than you'll ever know.


Unaka Mountain

Have you ever been stuck? Paralyzed by indecision? It's a scary feeling.

I experienced a time of indecision last October. I was part of a team who had to make a big decision for our church. It was literally a life-and-death decision. Should our church stay open with choosing a radically different route? Or should we say, "We've done our best," and close the doors.

I can't tell you how much I agonized over this decision. I knew if we chose the radical route, we would lose some of our people. My church is my family in a very real sense of the word. No one wants to lose family members. Three people I love and respect were vehemently opposed to the course of action the rest of us wanted to take.

After praying long and hard, I had to do what I really felt was God's leading. We had to move in a different direction.

After all, if we were choosing wrongly, God is big enough to get us back on the right path. But if we just sat there, stuck, doing nothing, we knew we would surely die.

A year later, I can definitely say moving forward was the right thing to do. I cannot tell you how much different the atmosphere has been since we followed God's leading.

All I can say is, after praying, if you feel the leading of God to move, you better move!

The Journey is our way Home. There is nothing more important than making that final destination. Jesus paid my ticket there, but I have to walk it out. In October, I will be observing the things that happen while traveling the Journey and writing a daily post about my observations.

Because I like to stretch myself, I will also do a challenge within a challenge - 31 days of 5 minute free writes. I will take a topic and run with it, writing furiously for 5 minutes, tailoring it to relate to my theme of examining life along the Journey.

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betty said...

Hope your arm gets better. It is always good to move the way God wants us to, especially in the direction he wants his church to go.


Linda Stoll said...

Be sure to give yourself pockets of grace in the midst of this 31 Day marathon, friend. Rest well this evening ...