Sunday, October 16, 2016


There's a saying that has been going around in the

last little while, "It's the little things." It is used in the context that we should enjoy the little joys and pleasures that come our way.

I'm definitely a believer in that philosophy. It doesn't have to be a great big thing to make me smile. I can find much happiness and joy in all the little blessings I find on this journey.

For instance: 

  • A beautiful view or sunset makes my heart happy.
  • A sweet tea from McDonald's 
  • A new blouse.
  • Trying a new recipe and having the whole family approve
  • A wonderful service at church where we all feel in unity and have experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit.
  • A hug from my grandson and his sweet "I yove you," ringing in my ears.
  • Baylee running towards me with her lips puckered out in a big kiss!

These are the little things that make my journey worthwhile.

I challenge you to look around and see how many little blessings you can find on your journey. I'm guessing you will be amazed at how many you can find.

Happy Hunting!

The Journey is our way Home. There is nothing more important than making that final destination. Jesus paid my ticket there, but I have to walk it out. In October, I will be observing the things that happen while traveling the Journey and writing a daily post about my observations.

Because I like to stretch myself, I will also do a challenge within a challenge - 31 days of 5 minute free writes. I will take a topic and run with it, writing furiously for 5 minutes, tailoring it to relate to my theme of examining life along the Journey.

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Anonymous said...

It's good to see all the little blessings that are new each day!

betty said...

I am constantly amazed at all the "little things" in my days I see; even if I see them a few days later after they happened.


Sandi said...

These are wonderful things, the presence of the Holy Spirit and the "I yove you" and all of them. ;-)