Friday, October 14, 2016


Have you ever heard of someone getting a piece of mail and it changing his or her life? Perhaps they inherited money, a draft notice, or someone wrote them informing them of something they did not know. It might even be a simple thing like a traffic ticket sent through the mail that changes everything.

Ah well, perhaps I've read too many novels ...

Actually, the child of God has received letters that can change everything for them on their Journey as well. We have amazing letters written by men of God, directed by the Holy Spirit, and preserved for us to know the will of God. We can find out what He thinks on a variety of subjects just by reading His Word, His love letter to us. We can learn more of His attributes and His promises and provision for us by studying the Word.

More amazing than any piece of mail we could ever receive, the Bible, God's Word is at once very old and ancient and yet the words are so relevant and can speak to us even in the 21st century.

I'm so thankful for the Word!

The Journey is our way Home. There is nothing more important than making that final destination. Jesus paid my ticket there, but I have to walk it out. In October, I will be observing the things that happen while traveling the Journey and writing a daily post about my observations.

Because I like to stretch myself, I will also do a challenge within a challenge - 31 days of 5 minute free writes. I will take a topic and run with it, writing furiously for 5 minutes, tailoring it to relate to my theme of examining life along the Journey.

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betty said...

I am so thankful to for the Bible. A love letter to us who believe.


Tammy said...

Me, too!!