Friday, May 6, 2016

Weekly Wrap-Up & F.F.F.

It's Friday, lovely Friday, and time to wrap-up the week here on the Journey.

First, I want to kick off this post by waving madly to the Friday's Favorite Five community saying "Hi, I missed you, and I'm glad to be back. I've not forgotten you, I was just busy doing a month-long writing challenge."

The Friday's Fave Five group is all about finding the blessings in the midst of the every day. We meet on Fridays at Susanne's place to share what we found. Sometimes we have to mine deep but those nuggets of blessing are always there.

Recent days included the first road trip of spring, a paint party, great conversations and a wonderful Sunday. (I'm taking a little liberty with the time span since it has been a month since I was a part of F.F.F.)

  • One Saturday, we took a couple hours out of a very busy day to drive down to Charleston, MO, to see the azaleas. Of course, the azalea and dogwood festival, for which they are known, happened two weeks prior. That's us, always a day late and a dollar short ... But still, we saw some lovely flowers and old homes. I included some pics in my "What We Learned in April" post, but here are a few different ones for you to enjoy:

Hmmm... I learned I have quite the thing for white houses - 
they are the star of most of my photos from Charleston.

  • Our ladies group had a paint party. The goal was to have fun, fellowship and create a work of art. Perhaps we are not budding artists but we did have fun. I'm moderately proud of my ability to draw squiggles ...

Mine is the one on the left - Don't you love my squiggles?
Mary, who is an awesome singer, did the one on the right. So appropriate for her!

  • I've made a new young friend at church who has turned out to have so much in common with me. We've had a lot of interesting conversation via text messages all week. For once, I'm the senior member of the group, she is about 20 years younger, but we are becoming sisters of the heart all the same. Thankful for new friends - as well as my "old" ones.

  • Last Sunday was just awesome. A wonderful time of discussion in class followed by a great Sunday morning crowd, a wonderful time of worship and an inspiring message. Sunday evening was more of the same. I was feasting spiritually to the full.

  • I taught the twins to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and I couldn't be more proud of them! They are so proud of themselves doing the hand motions and clap heartily when they finish. For some reason, the phrase "Down came the rain and WASHED the spider out," makes them giggle crazily every time. Their little eyes just sparkle when we sing. *Happy Sigh. God just did a marvelous job creating those two.

    Bonus: (Remember I've been gone for a month.)
  • On March 22, I started using a Fitbit.  (To the uninitiated, Fitbit keeps track of your steps and your calorie and water intake.) It takes extra effort for a ministry assistant whose passion is bible study and writing to be able to get many steps in. The most I've been able to do in a day ... 9,377. The least ... 1,629 (which was probably what it was most days before Fitbit). Still, I've managed to lose a total of 10.5 lbs.  I was really excited to pass the 10 lb. mark because I was stuck at 9.7 lbs. for THREE weeks. Today's a happy day, so we won't talk about how many more pounds need to go ...
  • My rose bushes are blooming gloriously.
  • Week after next:  STAYCATION!
And that's a wrap on this week's Journey. How about you? How did your week go? I'd love to hear all about it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely outing! We have a few azaleas here, but back in SC they were everywhere and so pretty in springtime.

My little grandson loves that song as well. Fun!

Nice about your new friend! Yay for losing 10+ lbs.! I was stuck for several weeks, too, at one weight - hate when that happens but happy for a break-through!

Wendy said...

Lovely azaleas. Good catch up and well done on the weight loss. I've got a fitbit and I've gradually increased my steps but haven't reduced my weight - yet!

Anonymous said...

Oh good for you for persevering and getting past 10 pounds! The azaleas are just beautiful that you saw on your road trip. Love to sing with littles! Hope you have a great weekend and wonderful Mother's Day!

Leah Adams said...

Jerralea, I adore that you taught the twins "Itsy Bitsy Spider". I vividly recall learning that from my mother when I was little. It is such a fun song to sing. I've never gotten into the Fitbit...have really never even laid eyes on one, but I sure do wish I had invented it. It is quite the thing these days apparently. Congratulations on the weight loss. That is quite an accomplishment.

Faith said...

yay for Fitbit!!! I have had one for over a year...i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It also records your sleep you know if you wear it to bed. I do a weekly challenge with my neighbor and a college friend and we have a blast trying to beat our own personal goals. My average daily steps are about 10,000 but on days I hike mountains I tend to get in a bit over 15,000. Keep up the great work!!

Aw....that's adorable that the twins are learning childhood classics :)

The photos of the flowers and homes are so pretty!! It's Tulip Festival here in the Capital Region of NYS.....and mine are almost past peak!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Monica said...

You've had a wonderful full month of April! I always enjoy hearing about your road trips. They seem to be mostly in my state! ;)
I love the ladies groups however, around here we just don't have any with substance... if that's ok to say. If I take an hour or two out of my week I want it to be giving glory to God. They are usually just "fluff".
So glad you're back but I enjoyed your A-Z...
Happy Mother's Day!

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

You have found some lovely blessings! Off the top of my head some of mine: A late evening swim with hubby last Saturday, being able to calm and comfort a co-worker, all my family in church last Sunday and looking forward to the blessing of having my son home for Mother's Day tomorrow!
Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

betty said...

WTG on the weight loss! That was good that you persisted through with your program, especially being stuck at that weight for 3 weeks! How cute with the twins singing :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Jerralea -- nice to have you back with the Fives. I did pop in to read your blog challenge now and again - you did a great job. Reading about new and renewed connections may not sound exciting, but they are so nourishing to the soul. So glad you made a new friend and will have your staycation to look forward to.

Michele Morin said...


Willow said...

Just reading through your faves has made me smile. I missed your happy perspective on life.
Making new friends! Yes!
Fitbit--I kinda want one.
Now I must go back and read through your blog challenge posts.

Susanne said...

Welcome back! I can just see you and the twins in a fun chorus of Itsy Bitsy Spider. Kids love that song! Way to go making a new friends who is in a different age group. So many times we can get "stuck" in a certain category of friends. There is so much blessing to both when we can "mix it up".