Thursday, May 5, 2016

Coming into one's own ...

I realized something about myself this week. The Holy Spirit revealed to me my motivation for some of my choices as a teenager.  

Over 40 years ago, I had a thing for dating the preacher's son. First, I had a crush on his oldest son. He finally did ask me out once. He was probably worn down by my not-so-silent adoration.

When that didn't work out, I transferred my affections to his brother. We dated briefly but it didn't work out either.

I think they thought of me more like a little sister than someone to date.

A couple years later, I ran into another preacher's son. I was immediately drawn to him even though he was not of my denomination. At. All. This time, he actually really liked me, too. Or so I thought.

I'm not here to air all the details. 

I'm trying to get to my point which is this:  The reason I was drawn to the idea of marrying a preacher's son was because I had a heart for ministry. In those days, I had the mistaken idea the only way a woman could be in ministry was to marry a preacher. Or a missionary. "Oh no, Lord, please don't make me go to Africa," was my heart-felt plea. I felt marrying a pastor was safer.

I laugh now at these thoughts ...

Before I go any further, let me just say, "God bless pastors' wives." Because there is no tougher calling. Imagine putting up with a church full of people just like you and I who want their pastor to be available at all times no matter what? Heaven help them if their homes are not run perfectly or their children are not well-behaved angels!

Yeah, I dodged a bullet on that one.

The nugget in this story is the desire to be in ministry. It's been in my heart all along. I just couldn't see it.

Ministry is not just getting up on a platform to preach. It's doing whatever God has called you and gifted you right in the middle of your every day life. 

We used to say there was a difference in full-time ministry and lay ministry. I think the lay people are full-time, too. If you are a teacher, there are teaching moments all around you, not just on Sunday.

If you are an encourager, you might be needed on a Tuesday morning much more than on Sunday.

A prayer warrior is needed 24/7.

So, I married a good-looking mechanic (who liked to lead worship) and we set out to raise a family of three girls. Along the way, I served in my local church as much as I could. Missionette leader, Ladies' Bible Study Leader, Sunday School teacher, janitor, bookkeeper, VBS director - all these areas of ministry was a training ground.

It was fertile ground, because over time I blossomed. When I say I blossomed, I don't mean I'm pretty like a flower. Blossom when used as a verb means to change, grow, and develop fully. As an intransitive verb, it means to come into one's own. (Merriam-Webster)

I've blossomed into the ministry I'm now in. You see, God planned a long time ago that I should wear all the ministry hats I wear. (He has a plan for you, too, by the way.)

Have I arrived? Heavens no! I am far from perfect. I have a long, long way to go on this Journey.

I also fully expect more blossoms. God's not through with me yet.

What about you? Have you blossomed into something you never expected to be?

Mama’s Losin’ It

I'm happy to be back blogging my regular schedule again. Today, I'm linking up with the Writer's Workshop community. I'm writing to prompt #4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: Blossom. To read some great blogposts, visit Kat Bouska's place, "Mama's Losin' It."  (I just love that blog title! I used to live it. All. The. Time.)


Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Sometimes our own thoughts can get in the way and cloud the path the Lord is trying to lay out before us. I have served in many areas over the years. It seems when one season ends, a new season begins. My spiritual gifts are faith, exhortation, prayer and organization. I have taught, I have been in the prayer ministry, I established Children's Church at are church, and now, I do the bulletin and the upkeep of our Church's website and Facebook page. I find God often has used me in ordinary and unexpected ways in my everyday life. You just have to keep yourself open to that still small (sometimes very insistant and loud!) voice and then follow through. It also always amazes me to look backwards at where God shaped me, guided me, etc.
Welcome back to regular blogging! ;)
Visit me at
Life & Faith in Caneyhead

betty said...

It is so true we can use our gifts at church, in the community, workplace, etc. Ministry work shouldn't just be confined to Sunday mornings at church :) Isn't it neat when you realize something through the Holy Spirit or when you read something in the Bible and you have an "ah ah" moment and pieces fit together?

It is nice to be on a regular blogging schedule :) Love A/Z but enjoying the regular routine pace and not spending lots of hours on the computer :)


Linda Stoll said...

Don't you love how God keeps growing us, even as we get further down the pathway?

Be sure to add blogging as another ministry that's bearing fruit for all who drop in to read your heart-words, friend.

Weekend blessings to you ...

Christy said...

This is GREAT! I too longed to be in ministry and thought marrying a pastor was the way to do it. I did marry a preacher, but we've never been in full time paid ministry. But God continually sends us people that need encouragement and His love and mercy. A wise friend once told me, sometimes God brings the mission field to us. That was a life changing moment for me.

Willow said...

I was in ministry for many years. I married a missionary because I would have rather moved to Africa than be a preacher's wife! My current situation is as a writing teacher of homeschool kids--and yes it is a ministry opportunity. And I'm a co leader in a Sunday School class for the oldest people in the congregation. I would never have chosen that but I've learned to loved those people!