Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Kids say the funniest things ...

My first gig as a teacher was as a girls leader at my home church. I taught a group of 6-8 year old girls. I'm pretty sure I've written before that my stint as the leader taught me one thing very quickly: I'm called to be a teacher of adults, not kids. My time as the teacher of the teenagers' Sunday School definitely drove home that lesson. But I digress. Let's just say that the one hour per week allotted for the meetings was the longest hour of my life.

To be sure, there were fun times as well. I loved all the crafts and games crafted to reinforce each week's lesson in the girls' memories. The funny things the girls said and did were a highlight and always good for giggles.

One of my favorite times to recall was the time I was teaching the girls about church government and the leaders we had in our own church. I was quizzing Elissa, one of my students who just happened to be my daughter, on church leaders.  I asked her what the pastor's job was in the church. She said the pastor was responsible to preach God's word to us, pray for us and visit us when we were in the hospital. Then I asked how she could help the Pastor.

I was hoping she would say she could pray for him.

Instead, my child replied solemnly, "I could give him advice."

To this day, I get tickled whenever I envision Bro. Hester picking up the phone and saying, "I better call Elissa and see what she thinks before I do anything."

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Linda Stoll said...

Boy, we sure do start early thinking that everyone needs to hear a piece of our minds!



betty said...

Such a cute answer your daughter gave, but you know what sometimes kids do see things a bit different than we do and their advice can be so welcomed :)

I agree with you; I struggled for years trying to teach Sunday school to kids. I finally found my passion was holding babies and playing with the little toddlers.


Monica said...

That's hilarious! They are so sweet and want to be helpful. THanks for helping me laugh today! :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! That is funny. I'm afraid pastors have to listen to a lot of advice. :)

Leah Adams said...

We women are hard-wired from birth to 'help', aren't we? That is so funny. I bet your pastor got a kick out of that one. Thanks for sharing this funny at The Loft.

Michele Morin said...

Fun, Jerralea! So often it's the "littles" in our lives who give us the biggest laughs!

Gena Hood said...

Weeeelllll, the Good Book does say "a little child shall lead them", lol! Isn't it great how He teaches us where He created us to serve? And, it doesn't take long for us to realize (well, it shouldn't anyway) where we do NOT belong. Great story, Jerralea!