Tuesday, January 12, 2016

To Do Tuesday - Half Done

Well, here it is, Tuesday again. Time for:

Last week, I set one goal. One goal. (I mean, in addition to the forty-eleven things I have to do every week.) I was to catch up to my daily scripture writing goal.

I need to be on Day 12. I just finished up Day 6. Disappointing, but hey, at least I got started and got halfway through!

Next week's goal:  To be actually caught up totally on my scripture writing by To-Do Tuesday. 

I can do it!


Do you set weekly goals? Would you like to share with us? Visit Tori at My Home Away from Home if you'd like to link up.

1 comment:

betty said...

I don't set weekly goals, probably because everything is already set by daily responsibilities, but will set the goal to write A/Z by the first of April :)