Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Loft: We're Talking Bible Study

THELast week was so much fun reading about all the different words that the Lord has given us for 2016. Thank you for sharing! 

Today's topic is BIBLE STUDY ~ anything about Bible study...your favorite, the one that got all up in your business, the group with whom you study, your method...whatever floats your boat pertaining to Bible study is what we want to hear about today. Come in, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and enter into the conversation here at The Loft.     

Please remember that we are a topic driven link-up, which means that we link posts that pertain to the topic of the week. Posts that are not on topic will be deleted. 

We will offer a month's worth of topics each week so you can plan and prepare for a post that helps you enter into the conversation.

Here are the topics

  • January 13 ~ Bible Study - the how, when, who, what and why of it 
  • January 20 ~ Hope 
  • January 27 ~ Pot Luck ~ You may link up any post, on any topic today!
  • February 3 ~ Family
Just a reminder that the link-up goes live on Wednesday morning at 5am and will stay live until the following Monday at 5 p.m. If you link up at The Loft, please do not link-and-run. We want to create conversation and community, therefore, we ask that if you linkup one post, please visit two others. There are some beautiful people who link-up each week, and visiting their posts is the best way to get to know them.   

Now, it it time to get to today's link-up. Our topic is your Bible Study. 


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betty said...

I might have to do this one this week; see what I can pull together.