Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Workman

When I think of bible study, the first scripture that springs to mind is 2nd Timothy 2:15:

Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth. (NASB)

We are told to be a workman. What exactly is a workman?

Webster defines it like this:

1. (n.) A man employed in labor, whether in tillage or manufactures; a worker.2. (n.) Hence, especially, a skillful artificer or laborer. *

Bible study is work. It is not easy knowledge plopped on you. We are to labor at it.

In fact, when the word labor is heard, often what springs to mind is physical, sweat-producing labor. Think of a woman in childbirth. She is said to be in labor.

So, when we read our bibles just to get chapters under our belt, it is not really labor. No, we are to dig and search out the meaning of each chapter. 

Guess what? If we do the work of searching the scriptures, we can become that second meaning of the word workman: skillful. We can become skillful at applying the scriptures to our lives.

We really have no excuse. If you are reading this blog, then you have access to a plethora of online bible versions, commentaries and dictionaries. 

You have trouble comprehending the King James Version?  No problem. Go to and you can click on any version you feel makes the Word clearer to you for FREE!

Still don't understand a passage? Find a commentary that will give clarity.  My personal favorite? Enduring Word Commentaries by David Guzik. However, there are a wealth of good material online.

How do I study the bible?  Here is my favorite formula for bible study:  How S.O.A.P. Changed My Life.  I've adapted her ideas to something I like better: instead of studying verse by verse, I apply the S.O.A.P. method to each passage.  Your bible often groups scriptures into sections for you.

I challenge you, as well as myself, to really work at bible study in 2016. We live in a dark world in a culture that is increasingly sinful. We need the Light of Scripture to saturate us so that we can be bearers of the gospel to a lost and dying world. 

*Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary

The Loft
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  • January 13 ~ Bible Study - the how, when, who, what and why of it 

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Susanne said...

Very timely this post, as we were discussing this at study last night. I was encouraging the ladies not just to come to study to "talk" but to study out and search the word for themselves.

betty said...

I've done the SOAP; that is a great system for Bible study. I've also taken a verse and wrote it out and then broke it up into sections to help study it. So important to be in the word.


Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed seeing this SOAP method but I like it. Thanks for sharing it here.

Faith said...

Oh I use bible gateway often!!! LOVE it!! Great post Jerralea. And yes, I'm finding i'm digging even deeper into Scriptures these days :)

Leah Adams said...

Truth!! There are so many resources for Bible study these days. I use indepth studies as my primary method. I done so many and have learned something from each one. I'm so glad you linked this post up at The Loft. Such encouragement to go deeper.

Michele Morin said...

This is so great and realistic because YES, it is work to study and to understand the Bible. Something I'm learning - very recently - is that I need to sit for while with my questions rather than rushing off to grab a commentary. God the Holy Spirit wants to be my teacher, and HE may have insights for me that will come in the midst of my ponderings. I'm guilty of running to the experts as soon as I get stuck!

DeAnna Morris said...

Thank you Jerralea for your timely words.
Coming to you from the Loft!

Ren Simonitis said...

I used the same verse in my post! Though, I loved that you focused on "workmen" and "skillful" Good post! I'm glad I read it! Coming to you from The Loft!

Christine Malkemes said...

Hi, Geralee. I was thinking about that verse too before I wrote my post (coming to you from the Loft - a little late, sorry). You said it well. May every reader by encouraged. Chris

Valerie Murray said...

I'm visiting from Grace and Truth today. I love the SOAP method as well. I've discovered that digging deep into the Bible to gain understanding can certainly involve work, time and effort and it is certainly rewarding to know the Biblical truth.

Jennifer Clarke said...

Jerralea, I've just been reading some of Tozer's thoughts on prayer, and he points out the labor involved in prayer. I think you're exactly correct that Bible study requires the same kind of labor. How good our God is, to grant each of us the strength to labor well in those things that matter most! Thank you for sharing this with us at Grace & Truth!