Friday, November 6, 2015

F.F.F. - 11.06.15

Hello, fellow Friday's Fave Fivers! Glad to be back. I took a month long break participating because of the 31 Day Challenge, but I'm glad to be back with the grateful ones, counting 5 highlights each week.

1. Air of excitement:  my little church where I work part time, and also attend and am a member, has been going through a "rough patch." Decisions have been made, we do have a new pastor, and there is an atmosphere of anticipation. I love times like that because you just never know what is in store!

2. Growth of the twins: This past month has seen such a growth in the twins' development. I can see daily things they've been learning to do that they couldn't do before. Brody had his second haircut. Baylee can actually build a block tower herself now. They vocalize quite a bit, and my favorite is when they are at MiMi's house eating and Brody will go "Mmmhmm." Sounds so much like Yum!

3. Although we are still on the warm side, I do love the fall weather - especially on sunny days!

4. I tried a new dish last night, Smothered Chicken, and we rated it thumbs up. Although, we have decided to double the sauce next time and go with linguine instead of angel hair pasta.  We love making recipes fit our own style. We are going to keep the bacon on it, though.

5. Quote of the week: 

But keeping busy creates days that are full, not days that are fulfilling. That’s not a journey, that’s a carousel.

Here's to fulfilling days - I want my days to count, not just be full of activity.

So, how did your week go? Leave a comment and share, or consider linking your own post to our lovely hostess, Susanne, at Living to Tell the Story.


Anonymous said...

Transitions in church can be rough, but once the decisions are made, it feels like a fresh new start. Hope all goes well in the days ahead.

Love the little ponytails on Baylee! It's such fun to watch them grow and learn and develop.

The smothered chicken recipe looks good!

Faith said...

thats a great quote!! sometimes change in a church is much needed! i pray you all have a smooth transition. those grand twins are growing up!! so cute!!! yummy ....that chicken sounds great!! have a restful weekend!

Lux G. said...

So many things have happened in your absence! :)
Good to see you back.

Denise said...

love your five faves.

betty said...

We do the same with recipes; modify them to what we think will improve them. I get most of my recipes online, print them out, so I'll write down on the paper what the changes are we want to try the next time :)

Undergoing changes at church can always be stressful, but good you have a sense of anticipation :)


Anonymous said...

So good to have positive change to look forward to -- I'm glad you are anticipating great things. The chicken and pasta dish sounds terrific, especially with your changes ;-)

Susanne said...

Glad your congregation is looking forward to good things ahead. Those kinds of transitions are difficult. The twins are soooo cute!

Tori Leslie said...

The chicken looks yummy! So happy you have a new pastor, new beginnings are exciting. Those twins are too adorable!

Willow said...

That quote is a good reminder.
The twins would be in my fave fives too--hurray for the milestones they are achieving. It's so much fun to watch, isn't it?
I know that transitions can be difficult, but it looks like you and the church are seeing the positive results.