Monday, November 9, 2015

Daybook: 11.09.15

For Today... Monday, November 9th

Outside my window... cool temps but sunny - it feels warmer than it is to me.

I am thinking... of a little humorous dilemma. It's going around my church that we've lost "Baby Jesus." Each year our town has a lighted Christmas display at the park and churches, businesses and organizations are invited to each put up a display. Our church has been involved for years. Last time our display was taken down and packed up, it was discovered that "Baby Jesus" was missing. 

Either the wind blew Him away or someone actually confiscated Him. We prefer to think the wind blew Him away - who in their right mind would steal "Baby Jesus?"

So, if we do the same type of display, we will have to somehow secure "Baby Jesus" to the manger so He will always be there.

In thinking about this, I came to the realization I am so glad the REAL Baby Jesus did not stay in that manger. Oh yes, it would have been nice that the God of the Universe came down to us and put on flesh and walked around in our neighborhood, but if all He ever did was to experience living with humanity, it would mean I'm sunk.

Because I need everything that His going to the cross entailed, and I especially need His resurrection power!

I'm glad He didn't stay in that manger.

I am thankful... for a wonderful Sunday yesterday. Everything went really well. There was a great atmosphere of worship, we saw some new faces, and our new Pastor brought two really good messages.

I am of my favorite burgundy long-sleeve tunics, jeans and black ankle boots.

I am reading... nothing right now because I just finished "Simply Tuesday," by Emily P. Freeman. It took me awhile because there was a lot of pondering going on as I read.  The main takeaway from the book is living small is a great thing for the believer.

I am learning... sometimes you have to let people go ... but it's hard ... In a perfect world, we would all be in unity; but, we are just not there yet.

In my kitchen... this week I'm planning to do chicken pot pie, pork chops, breakfast for dinner, and a crockpot meatball soup. See below under the prompt - The Board Room - to see the two different recipes for the soup I'm considering.

By the way, I did try the Smothered Chicken recipe I mentioned in last week's Daybook. It was a keeper, except I decided I want to double the sauce. Give it a try, you might like it.

A peek into one of my days... discovered on a road trip this past Saturday:

My photo of Zion United Methodist Church, Oak Ridge, MO

One of my favorite things... new beginnings and fresh mercy every morning.

From the board room... I'm trying to decide between two different meatball soups to try. Which sounds good to you?  Freezer-to-slow cooker Italian Wedding Soup, or Slow cooker meatball veggie soup.

The daybook is a concept created by Peggy Hostetler. You can link up your own daybook at her site, The Simple Woman's Blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jerralea, About the soup question . . . both sound good! I know that's no help for making a decision, but I love soup. Gosh, I hope Baby Jesus is found. Your story reminds me of an old Dragnet episode. I have found the link for you. I'm assuming it will run on your computer. It does not run on my iPad, but that is a player problem. Anyway, the episode is very sweet. Here's the link:
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jerralea: I came back to tell you that the video will run on your computer. I tried it on mine later this afternoon after I left my comment above with the link. It worked. Again, it's about a stolen Baby Jesus at Christmastime. Peace.

betty said...

I would go with the second recipe for the soup, but both sound delicious. Good times to be making soup too with the weather being cooler.

You are so right, sometimes it is good to let people go. Our pastor said in a sermon a few months ago about what drains us of our energy and one category he mentioned was what he called VDP's. Very Draining People. He said we all have them in our lives and after he mentioned that, I came up with a few and realized I needed to back off that they were draining me and I wasn't being productive like I should be.

Too cute with the Losing Baby Jesus; I too am glad Jesus didn't stay in the manger and grew up to accomplish his purpose here on earth.


Denise said...

like your daybook.