Tuesday, November 10, 2015

To-Do Tuesday


I'm participating in Tori's To-Do Tuesday again, even though I didn't do so well in October. ;) Hope springs eternal, right?

Here is what I have to do this week:

  • Finish up a study on Philippians 3 - by tomorrow night! *gulp
  • Come up with line-ups for the next two Sunday evening worship services
  • Make PowerPoints for said line-ups plus make them for the two morning worship service line-ups that my co-leader Brenda has already picked.
  • Finish up October bookkeeping for my part time job
  • Have financial reports ready for next week's board meeting

Barring catastrophe, I know I will get these things done.

Here's what I'd like to do this week: 

  • Buy the twins a Christmas outfit
  • Book a photo session for family pictures for when Daniel is home
  • Find some sweaters and a couple pair of pants I know I have somewhere packed away in a tote
  • Pack away my shorts and capris - it's time. It finally got down to 39°

We'll see how it goes ...

What is on your list for this week? Leave a comment and share, or why not visit Tori at her blog, Home Away From Home, and link up your list?


betty said...

Both do sound like doable lists to get done in the week ahead :)


Denise said...

good list.

Tori Leslie said...

I love your must do and wanna do lists. Your wanna-do list sounds like more fun. How fun to buy Christmas gifts for the twins. Love it!

Monica said...

Ohhhh I need to do this one! Maybe it will help keep me on track!
You're busy this week! ;)