Tuesday, September 29, 2015

To Do Tuesday -2nd Attempt

Today is Tuesday, and at Tori's place, she hosts To Do Tuesday where we set goals for the coming week.

Last week was my first To Do, and I thought I'd let you know how I did.

I didn't make it.

Here was my list with updates written in red:

  • Clean and rearrange my freezers ... because I can't find anything and some of that stuff is old!  I did well on this item. Both freezers are cleaned out and organized with Dollar Tree Bins. No labels yet, though.  Can you believe I found a package marked 2011 in there? Ewww...
  • Rearrange my closet - because I am pretty sure I have some cute shirts that are hiding from me. 50% done. I literally did half my closet.
  • Make some dumplings (really, they are more like home made noodles) for the freezer. 33% done, because I wanted three batches for the freezer and only got one batch made.
  • Make this cute burlap wreath I saw on Pinterest. Haven't done it yet ....
  • Go to the lake one day and just sit and think. We spent Thursday at the lake. Yay!
  • Start on my 31 Day Writing Challenge for October. I hope you will consider joining me. My theme this year is Life Stories. You know those stories you swap at Family Get-Togethers?  You know the ones. I didn't get too far on this, either. I have my theme picked out, the button made and the first 4 posts done.  Looks like I will be flying by the seat of my pants again this year!

    So, maybe my list was too ambitious ...

    So this week will be much the same:
    • Writing my 31 Day Writing Challenge
    • Making the burlap wreath
    • Finishing my closet
    • It's also Worship Team Practice week, so there are lineups to me made.
    • And, I will have to do the Powerpoints, which is a new job for me. I'm slow ...
    What might throw a monkey-wrench in the plans is the fact that IKEA opened in St. Louis this week. The girls and I had planned to go check it out on Saturday ....

    What do YOU have planned this week? I'd love to know! (Please make your list un-ambitious, too.)


    Tori Leslie said...

    I'm thinking you did awesome on last weeks list. You started most and finished some. Bravo!! IKEA is an awesome reason to not get stuff done. I'm planning on using that excuse soon!

    Denise said...

    you did a good job

    betty said...

    I think you managed to do a bit on your To Do attempt from last week; its good to carry some of them over to this week too :)