Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pot Luck at The Loft

Whenever I hear the phrase "Pot Luck," my mouth gets watering. Because in the circles I run around in, pot luck means some good cooking. No one cooks as well as church ladies! 

I like to spiritually feast as well as physically feast. Have you ever read a scripture that satisfied your soul just as much as lasagna or fried chicken and broccoli salad filled you up at your last pot luck?

Here's the verse that is really speaking to me this week:  

Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.
2 Corinthians 2:14 New King James Version (NKJV)
In my own efforts, I might not accomplish much, but if I'm following His leading, it will work out. Every. Time.

Isn't that a wonderful scripture? I've been chewing on it a lot because it is spiritual food I really need right now. In fact, I had to wake up about an hour early today just to "snack" on it. Because sometimes the enemy likes to try to discourage me ...

Yes, I'm really into meditating on spiritual food. See the tabs right under my blog header? One of them says Feasting and has links to posts I've written that share a spiritual thought as well as a recipe. Food for body and soul. In fact, here is an excerpt from one of the first posts I wrote on the topic:

Lately, I've been enamored with the idea of feasting.  Not just feasting by eating yummy foods, but also feasting on spiritual food and on beauty that feeds our minds. We need not just whole foods but to be wholly fed inside and out.

Whole people are then able to minister to others.  You can't give out unless you've taken in.  By the same token, if you receive and receive but never give out, you become stagnant and less than useful.  No one wants that!

What about you? Do you make it a priority to feed your soul and spirit as well as your body?

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Sandi said...

An important thing to remember! Feasting is a good thing. :)

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Love this!! That verse is one that I created an entire message for a women's retreat around one time. We are the fragrance of Christ in our generation. It says that He diffuses His fragrance through us. So, a great question to ask ourselves is 'do I give off the aroma of Jesus?' Thanks for linking up today!!

Michele Morin said...

Great post! I love your connection of spiritual food with the "pot luck" theme. And the verse -- so much truth there!

Ceil said...

HI Jerralea! I am trying to carve out time in my evenings for spiritual reading. I do think it helps to form my spirit, and soften my heart. I guess you could say it's spiritual food!

We are a wonderful mix of body and soul, so feasting is called for on both accounts. I think it's great that you have mixed recipes with reflections/Scriptures under 'Feasting'. We need them both!

betty said...

And it is true that there are no calories in pot luck foods :) I too like to be spiritually nourished; something I think we need to have to make it day to day.


Faith said...

This was great Jerralea and guess what?? I just posted something that was on my heart after my morning devotional about drinking of the living water to stay refreshed.....God is so how I need Him this year at my job with the special needs 5 year olds. It is draining most days. but my Father fills me up again and again with His quiet presence. I don't know how people get through their days without Christ. I truly don't. Thak you for this wonderful Scripture and your thoughts.

Denise said...

really good post

DeAnna Morris said...

I think we should meet to discuss this over a pan of your lasagna! Thanks for sharing and for your insight on feasting on the Word.