Monday, September 28, 2015

Daybook: 09.28.15

Alas, my stay-cation is over and it is back to normal life. It's always good to start out your week journaling the blessings and the plans you have.

For Today... Monday, September 28th

Outside my window... FOG

I am thinking... of how I can apply the rest I received in the last week to my busy life. Perhaps, it is the attitude of resting as I do each task - working with the best of my ability but leaving the results in God's hands. If something doesn't get done, perhaps it wasn't meant to be ...

I am thankful... for times off and times of refreshing. 

I am wearing... white jeans, leopard print tank and flats, with a blue cardi

I am creating... a series of Life Stories. You know the ones, the stories we tell over and over again at family dinner tables.

I am reading... make that, savoring, Emily P. Freeman's "Simply Tuesday." The ideas she discusses in the book make it impossible, for me, at least, to skim right through. I have to stop and consider.

In my garden... my petunias are still lovely and thriving, the roses are doing well, but the vincas look sad. It's almost time to say goodbye to them.

In my kitchen... I finally got a batch of dumplings rolled out for tonight's dinner and an extra helping of them for the freezer. I was hoping to freeze more batches but it didn't get done. At least I now have a neat and clean freezer for them to rest in whenever I do get them made!

A favorite quote for today... from Emily's book:  "May we be open to discovering home right here instead of wishing for something different. May we realize our tight hold on what could be and willing to sit on a bench in our front yard in the midst of what is."

I'm pretty sure I've always lived in the midst of what could be. Dreaming and anticipation is good, don't get me wrong, but there should be a balance of appreciating the here and now along with my vision.

A peek into one of my days... last Thursday at Ferne Clyffe ...

One of my favorite things...
Sunday afternoon naps with the window open and delicious breezes and clean air circulating around my pillow. Heavenly!


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Lora Branam said...

I am visiting your Day Book after posting mine . I have to tell you my heart just absolutely skittered .... I grew up going to that area several times a year ! My grandma lived in Johnson City . Oh , good memories ! I am glad you had such a nice stay-cation but it sure transported me a long way off (in my memories)! I really enjoy your blog . Have a wonderful week ! Lora

betty said...

So pretty at Fern Clyffe :) Why do weeks off from week seem to fly and the work week doesn't? Hope you make the adjustment back to work relatively smoothly!


Denise said...

enjoyed your daybook

Tori Leslie said...

I always love reading your day books! I adore dumplings and Sunday naps! BTW, your outfit sounds very stylish!

Angie said...

I really love that quote! I too spend too much time wish and anticipating & not enough living in the moment and appreciating.

Faith said...

I enjoyed your daybook!! great quote, too! I love living in the moment although there was a time when i used to "live in the past" a bit too much. God wants us to embrace each moment and live intentionally, in my opinion. YUMMY....dumplings!! I made chicken and dumpling stew last week one evening after work and it tasted so good! Enjoy the rest of the week.