Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My First To Do Tuesday

I've been wanting to link up with Tori on her To Do Tuesday meme for awhile, because TO DO LISTS. They are my thing, you know.

So, as I do on every stay-cation, I made a long list of things I would like to get done this week. I don't know why I do this to myself because there is no way I'd ever have the energy or time to do them all. I have to sleep sometimes ...

So here I am with about almost 2 of my beautiful days off gone. I'd better focus and decide to do at least these things:
  • Clean and rearrange my freezers ... because I can't find anything and some of that stuff is old!
  • Rearrange my closet - because I am pretty sure I have some cute shirts that are hiding from me.
  • Make some dumplings (really, they are more like home made noodles) for the freezer.
  • Make this cute burlap wreath I saw on Pinterest.
  • Go to the lake one day and just sit and think.
  • Start on my 31 Day Writing Challenge for October. I hope you will consider joining me. My theme this year is Life Stories. You know those stories you swap at Family Get-Togethers?  You know the ones. 
If I got these things accomplished, I would be pretty happy! I'll let you know what happens ;)


betty said...

Seems like a pretty doable list for your week :)


Anonymous said...

Hope you can geterdone! Looks like a great list, especially the going to the lake one!

Tori Leslie said...

I'm so excited you linked up! I love that wreath, so easy and cute! Hope you get it all checked off.

Denise said...

hope you get everything accomplished.

Cool MaMa said...

Am I family cause if I am..... I am sure the story about the wrong car is bound to come out.... LOL