Monday, September 21, 2015

Daybook: 09.21.15

(Just a note to my readers who may wonder why I do daybooks. A weekly daybook is, for me, a replacement for daily journal writing. Often, the days are too busy to sit down each day and write. A weekly daybook strikes just the right balance.)

For Today... Monday, September 21st 

Outside my window... the sound of crickets, an occasional bird call, sunshine and 66° degree weather. The window is open and the breeze is blowing. A little piece of heaven on earth! The great thing is, today is the start of my stay-cation ... and my sister is coming for dinner tonight!

I am thinking... of all I want to accomplish this week plus a BALANCE of rest ... I'm thinking I will have to leave the house one day this week just to keep myself from wanting to DO instead of BE.

I am thankful...I've worked at my job long enough to have earned these "stay-cations."

I am wearing... right now my jean shorts and ratty, but comfortable, purple shirt. Later on, I will wear my new MiMi tee.  It says "MiMi - Love Laugh Spoil" which I think is pretty accurate.

I am creating... dinner for company tonight: Broiled Pork Steaks, Green Beans, Baked Beans (I know, I know, but gotta keep all of the fam happy ...) and the hugest salad I can make with all the "fixin's." Lemon Cheesecake Mousse will round out the meal.  Yum, yum!

I am going... to stay home as many days as possible this week.

I am reading... "Simply Tuesday," by Emily P. Freeman and "A House Divided," by Robert Whitlow.

In my kitchen... I've already posted about tonight's dinner, but I hope this week to make up a couple batches of dumplings for the freezer and plan a month long menu that I'm going to try to rotate so that I will always know what I'm going to fix.  Wish me luck on that last one!

A favorite quote for today... "God never said your miracle would be convenient." - Rev. Kim Ferguson

A peek into one of my days... new art in our home office.

One of my favorite things... house tours on blogs. I get a lot of ideas there. Plus, I just love looking at decor. Today, I'm looking at BLOGGER STYLIN’ HOME TOURS FALL 2015.


Have a great week, y'all!  I certainly plan to do so.

The daybook is a concept created by Peggy Hostetler. You can link up your own daybook at The Simple Woman's Blog.

10 comments: said...

Yippee for the beginning of your staycation and that your sister by now has already been to dinner! Have a lovely week!

betty said...

How fun for your week off from work!!! Enjoy it!!!


Susanne said...

I didn't realize that anyone was still hosting house tours. I remember the first one that ever happened and how they had soooo many bloggers joining up. I'll have to check out your link. I liked "A House Divided". I'll be interested to hear what you thought.

Lux G. said...

I love that quote. Makes a lot of sense. :)
I've also been wanting a balance of rest. And just to rest my mind really.

I hope you get to achieve your goals this week and enjoy still. :)

Faith said...

i love menu planning but only do it one week at a time. i always try to make one evening be a crockpot meal as we have one evening a week where we are all needing to eat dinner at different times. i enjoyed your daybook and hope you have a nice visit with your sister!!

Tori Leslie said...

I like your daybook. Love the idea of stay-cations.

Tori Leslie said...

I like your daybook. Love the idea of stay-cations.

allisamazing said...

Your menu sounds delicious! Have a great week :)

Denise said...

love your daybook.

Something Sew Beautiful said...

Oooh your dinner sounds AMAZING!!! I just ate, but I could definitely make room for that! :)