Thursday, April 30, 2015

Let's Share What We Learned in April

what we learned april 2015

April was a stretching month for me in many ways.

I took part in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. I had a stay-cation. I had company. I had a sinus infection / hacking cough that tried to steal my energy and joy.

Here are some things I learned ... (in no particular order).

1. Scars ... I realized sometime during Holy Week that 2,000 years ago, this week was the last week Jesus had no scars on His body. (Tears.)

2. Fashion ... I put together a new outfit from things already in my wardrobe. I took a chance and rolled up my skinny jeans and wore my short black boots with them. Bold move for a 59 year old ... I liked it! I got compliments on my outfit. Now, I'm looking at my clothes differently. Also, on a fashion note, in late April I learned to use my teasing brush on my new do, and I love it. Why'd it take me so long to try it? (Those that know me in person know I've been curling my hair in a pouf for YEARS. My stylist says that makes me look dated. So, no curls for me anymore.  It's been a really tough transition for me because if a girl's hair doesn't look right, the day is not right.)

3. Blogging ... I started a new series called Feasting Body and Soul from A-Z. 26 days of posting recipes and devotional thoughts because my premise was that family dinner is important and I also believe food for the soul is just as important. Why not feed both each day? 

I started out the challenge with about a week's worth of posts written and scheduled ahead which was a nice change for me.  Usually I fly by the seat of my pants when doing the A-Z, or when doing the 31 day challenge with the Nester, but I learned it is great to work ahead.

This year, I did something different, and only wrote my A-Z posts. I didn't participate in any other writing challenge or blog party. I just did the A-Z. I learned I really missed my regular writing schedule and the communities I had been a part of during my blogging career. So, I will resume my regular schedule, except ...

4. Knowing when to quit... I will discontinue my Testimonial Tuesday weekly link-up. There was just not enough participation. Although, of course, I will be sharing whenever I see blessings, but I will mostly do that through my Daybook and Friday's Fave posts.

5.  I also learned through the A-Z how many dishes I really do serve my family. I was amazed because I really thought I served the same old, same old, all the time ... Maybe I like cooking better than I thought ...

6.  Vindication ... I have said for years that the beds need to be made first thing or the day just starts off wrong. Jennifer Dukes Lee is in agreement and wrote a wonderful post, Want to Change the World? Make Your Bed. Go read it for yourself. She even has a quote from a Navy Seal Admiral about bed-making, "...Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that the little things in life matter. If you can’t do the little things right, you can’t do the big things right."

7. Which ties in with something I've been pondering since March ... Edie Wadsworth's blog post on lifeingrace, You Don't Need to Change the World:

"You don’t need to change the world.
Just make dinner.
It’s practically the same thing."

Serving my family whether it is making beds or making dinner is important sacred work. If you don't believe, just don't do it for awhile and see how chaos will ensue. (I strongly urge you to click on the above link and read Edie's whole post.)

Elissa, Janae, Baylee and Brody

8. In April, my grandson learned to shake his head back and forth when we say "no, no, Brody, don't touch." He touches anyway, but his little head shaking is soo adorable.
9. Baylee learned in April to scrunch up her nose while smiling big. So cute it melts your heart!

10. Freedom ... I'm glad to live in a country where neighbors feel free to post signs like this in their yard.

What about you? What did you learn in April? Share in the comments, or consider linking up your own post at Emily's site, Chatting at the Sky.


Stacey Schneller said...

Hello. Nice post. My son has been in the shake of the head no but recently he gotten to shaje his head yes too. Its cute how he does it. When we play music sometimes he will shake it to the beat. Its cute. I am glad we have freedom what would we do without it. ? Hope you have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your April recap Jerrelea! Love that quote!

betty said...

You learned a lot in April and did a lot too! Sorry you were sick though through the challenge! The twins are almost going to be a year old! My how time flies!!

I learned it is possible to get everything done in the month of April and still have a few minutes most days to get some reading done :)


Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! It sounds like you really stretched yourself in April. That's a great thing! And to know what to keep and what to leave behind is always a great step toward wisdom too.

Your grandchildren are adorable!! And you wear skinny jeans? Hmm...I'm the same age as you and thought maybe I shouldn't even try them on. Girl, you give me the courage to try! It's just a number right?
Happy May!

Joyful said...

Jerralea! I am sorry I have been unable to participate in Testimonial Tuesdays. I have been nose deep in work (at work) and then so much going on with my high school senior that my blogging has been speradic to say the least.
You've learned a lot in the month of April. It was also a "sickly" time for my family. I too have a new hair style inwhich I tease the crown up and I am told I look like something out of the 60's! I myself take that as a compliment. :)
I hope to go back through your block and get as many new recipes as I can from you A-Z. I read them, didn't always get to comment, but I did enjoy it!
May looks a little crazy yet but after vacation (May 28-June 6) thing should calm down again and I will be a regular in the blog world. Miss you!
Take care,

Faith said...

jeralea! im sorry i couldnt do a weekly testimonial ......i would love to try a monthly one though...i loved the idea!!! and the ones i did read really touched my heart and reminded me of how merciful and loving our Great Lord is! you learned a lot this past month!!! oh....i tried the homey chicken recipe you posted and it was great!!! enjoy the weekend!! those twins are getting big!!