Friday, January 30, 2015

Waiting ...

When you pray, there are three possible answers:  yes, no and wait.

"Yes" is a cause for rejoicing and we should let the world know that God moved on our behalf.  "No" is hard to take sometimes, but at least you know.

It seems to me that "wait" is the hardest answer of all - and it seems to be the answer we get the most!

It is said "timing is everything," and it is never more true when viewed from the perspective of the believer.  God's timing is not the same as ours.  The Word tells us that He is not slack concerning His promises. Unanswered prayer is not because He is dilly-dallying around. Instead He is waiting for the perfect timing, when all things come together as it should. He knows all the subplots and variations to our dilemma that we don't know.

I also think God loves for us to wait to see if we are really trusting Him. After all, if we received an immediate answer every time we prayed, we'd soon begin to see Him as some kind of magic genie we could rub in just the right way and get what we want.  

Instead, we need to view Him as a holy righteous God who loves us so much He gives us what is best to fit in with HIS plan and purpose in our lives.

He knows what is best. We don't.

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Joyful said...

Perfect timing!! I am sharing this with a friend who just lost a promotion due to her manager not releasing her from her current position. She is very upset and angry at the moment but I know that she will succeed in God's timing. It just wasn't right. Thanks Jerralea!

Jennifer Cook said...

Yes those wait///maybe///God responses are so hard. We must accept the waiting is wisdom in the making! I pray you have a blessed weekend. Your FMF neighbor, Jenn

Carrie McCoy said...

I love what you said about how if we got our answer right away, God would seem like a magical genie. Yes, I need to wait on things and on God's timing. Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Carrie (visiting from FMF)

betty said...

I like that God's timing is so different than ours, even though sometimes waiting can be a big difficult :)


Dianna said...

LOVED this...wait is the hardest one for sure...but, as I have just recently had to put into practice, it definitely drew me closer to Him in the waiting.

Jazzmin said...

It is definitely most difficult to wait. It is hard to ride things out without a clear answer or direction. But I love that it helps us to trust Him on a deeper level than when we get a yes, as we rely on God and listen more closely for what is next.

Beautiful post.

Have a lovely weekend!

Simply Linda said...

Beauitful. "Wait" is my word for the year. Blessings