Friday, January 23, 2015

F.F.F. - 01.23.14

January is always a busy month for me and so I've not been able to post on my normal schedule. Last week, I missed joining in with the Friday's Fave Five bloggers and I really missed it.

Today, I want to carve out time for FFF first!

1. Last Saturday, was a free Saturday. (A free Saturday means no choir practice or meetings. I still have my work to do for my part-time church, but my schedule is a little more flexible.) Anyway, it was a cool windy but sunny day and we felt a little road trip was in order. We traveled to Kentucky, stopping along the way in LaCenter and having catfish at the Bluegrass Restaurant.  This restaurant is a favorite of ours. We have spent Father's Day there many times, and when Jim's mom was alive, we took her a few times there for Mother's Day. She enjoyed it so much! She also liked the strawberry pie there. ;)

After our meal, we headed for Columbus-Belmont park to see the river in winter time, stopping first at Fort Jefferson Memorial Cross at the confluence.

The Confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers

Gorgeous sky!
Fort Jefferson Memorial Cross - 90 feet tall!

Barges on the Mississippi

Fave Picture of the Day - the Mississippi River at Columbus-Belmont Park

2.  Another thing that made me happy this week was to get these two pictures of my loves via Facebook:

Our adorable little man
Cracks. Me. Up! (I think she is bored.)
3.  I've been deep in the throes of de-cluttering, purging and making new files at work.  I've run the shredder so much I had to let it cool off over night.  I'm in my organizational zone and loving it.

4. I bought the sweetest batch of Clementines this week! They. Are. So. Good.

5. Quote of the week:

"You can’t love Jesus but hate on the Church." - Whitney Capps

Whitney has written one of the best articles on the Bride of Christ I've ever read.  I told her I wanted to stand and cheer when I finished it.  I'm urging everyone to go here and read it!

And so ends another week on the Journey. 

Hey! Before I go, I want to invite you to a new weekly link-up starting in February. I'm calling it Testimonial Tuesdays and I want to feature little praise reports of God at work. I'd love for you to share stories of answered prayer with us. It can be an answer you received, or someone you know who has experienced God working in their lives. I think testimony time in our church services are getting rare.  I want everyone to know that God is interested in every single thing that goes on in our lives, and we need to give Him credit for all He has done - the little things as well as the big miracles.

So, how did your week go? Leave a comment and share! If you'd like to share your very own FFF post, visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.


Anonymous said...

Your Saturday outing sounds fun!

Always love seeing photos of the grandbabies!

Getting into a decluttering zone is such fun.

Love that quote!

Phoebes World said...

What a good week. Sounds like you had a great day out on Saturday.
Your grandchildren are adorable, cute photos of them.
I love decluttering...the problem is...I have nothing left to declutter...except Mr Ds stuff...and he has to be with me for that
Wonderful quote...thank you for sharing
Have a great week
Phoebe x

betty said...

Always a good sign with decluttering if the shredder needs a break!! Fun day trip you took last Saturday :) Oh my gosh, now I need to get some clementines when we shop this weekend!


Faith said...

I have been really enjoying watching your grandbaby twins grow so fun and cute they look! Those photos you took are I long for spring...but I'm thankful that here in eastern NY we at least had sunshine each day this week. that's a plus! Yay for citrus fruits! love that quote. Enjoy your weekend.

Dianna said... has begun...and it feels SO good!

Thank you for sharing all of those gorgeous pictures with us of the Mississippi River! Beautiful.

But the REALLY gorgeous pictures in the post were of your two sweet little loves. They are adorable!

Anonymous said...

It's great how you spend your free Saturdays traveling to some place pretty and maybe something good to eat (love love love catfish!).

And those twins! They are growing so well.

Melanie said...

I do love decluttering and reorganizing. What cute photos of the grand babies! I like the Charles Capp's quote.

Anonymous said...

Love that quote! Glad you got to have a little getaway and take some photos. Nice...
Those twins...are so fabulous. I'm spending a little time with my youngest brother and sister together today, they are twins.

Susanne said...

Testimony tuesdays sounds good.

Another fun road trip for you!

You made me laugh with the shredder comment. Go girl! I've been purging big time at home. Hubby calls it my January rampage time. LOL.

Anonymous said...

WOW - what an article. I agree with you about standing up and cheering. I think that is a letter I nee to share as well.

Hurray with getting organized. That is something I need to do - maybe this next month. ;)

Have a great week.

Willow said...

Your little day trip sounds wonderful! I have always been fascinated by the large rivers in our country having grown up at the convergence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. On our trip last summer we enjoyed crossing the Mississippi a couple of times.
Yay for the decluttering!