Monday, January 19, 2015

Daybook: 01.19.15


Outside my window... a sunny chilly morning
I am thinking... it's been 17 days without sweet tea.  I think it was a good idea to start this in the winter! It hasn't been too hard so far ...
I am thankful... for fresh mercy and grace every morning.  (See Lamentations 3:22-23.) I'm probably one of the most needy children the Lord has!
In the kitchen... my go-to chicken and dumplings - cooked chicken from the freezer and dumplings previously made, rolled out and frozen. Assemble in a boiling pot of broth and cook for 40 minutes. Done and delicious.
I am wearing... red shirt, scarf and flats paired with a gray sweater and dark blue skinnies.
I am creating... 2015 files - I'm color-coding them with washi tape. It takes longer but worth the effort.
I am reading... "Deadly Devotion" by Sandra Orchard
I am praying ... for my church. Our members need uplifting and encouragement.
I am looking forward to... Janae and the twins coming home in February.
Around the house...  I'm thinking, "Is it too early to decorate for Valentine's Day?" It seems a little sparkle is needed.
A favorite quote for today...
If you stand on the Word, you do not stand with the world.
Vance Havner 
I wonder ... can the world tell the difference?

One of my favorite things... free Saturdays and road trips.  We went on a little road trip this past Saturday to Kentucky. We ate catfish at the Blue Grass Restaurant in LaCenter and visited a couple of our favorite landmarks.  Although very windy, the sun was shining and we enjoyed ourselves.
A few plans for the rest of the week: I'm working on the Annual Report for my part time church, 2015 files for my full time church, and planning my editorial calendar for the blog. I'm thinking of a couple new ideas, one which would include a weekly link up!
A peek into my day... from Saturday's road trip. The sky was so beautiful that day.

Fort Jefferson Memorial Cross at the Confluence - Kentucky
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Jodi said...

I love taking random road trips! I am ready for nicer weather so we can hit the road!! Have a great week!

Paula Kaye said...

I don't think it is too early to decorate for Valentines day! I might do that this week myself. Have a good week

betty said...

Valentine's Day is not that far off so go for it if you feel like decorating for it :) Does sound like a fun road trip you took this past weekend.


Melanie said...

I really enjoy day trips too. I've got one planned next week with a friend - some seafood and then antique shops. Beautiful photo. I've also been trying to think of link ups or topics to steer my blog to. Have a great day.

Joyful said...

I was off work yesterday but not home so I didn't get to do any blog reading. SOrry again to be late! Yesterday was beautiful here in Missouri as was the entire weekend. I knew there would be a road trip coming soon for you! Glad you enjoyed it.
Sounds like Janae and the littles are getting to come home pretty regular! THat is awesome for Grandma! :)
Looking forward to seeing what is coming here at your place!

Karen said...

Great question under your quote. I'm going to decorate for Valentine's day as soon as I get back from being out of town. If I were home, I'd go for it.

It was nice reading your Daybook. Gave me the nudge I needed to post something on my blog:)

Have a good week, Jerralea.

Sandi said...

"If you stand on the Word, you do not stand with the world."
Vance Havner

I wonder ... can the world tell the difference?"

....Oh yes, they can.

LISA said...

It is not too early to decorate, nope! I'm sure waiting on those babies is so hard...