Friday, January 23, 2015

Share My Time 
I don't consider myself a selfish person. I'm willing to share - I don't want it all for me. But what I do struggle with is being self-centered. 

A self-centered person has trouble sharing life with others because their agenda, their time and efforts are all wrapped up in furthering their own kingdom. 

Even if your kingdom is working for God.

It took me quite awhile to see this, but my own efforts to do ministry sometimes keeps me from doing things I know God has called believers to do.  No matter how many bible studies I prepare, it doesn't fulfill my own need to study. No matter how many services and meetings I attend, I still need to find time to be available to share life, first with Him (spending time in prayer), with my family, then church family, friends and loved ones.

I'm still figuring all this out.  What it looks like to me is that I need to find a way to share my most precious commodity ... time.


5 Minute Friday is now hosted by Kate at the blog "heading home." This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation. 

Just write.

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Jeanne T said...

Jerralea, I've struggled with this same sort of self-centeredness. Being a writer with school-aged children at home does not leave much time for writing. I'm searching to find a balance between keeping up with things I need to do for my family and home. I've said no to some activities to open up more time for home life and writing.

But at times, I feel selfish. I'm learning to go to God with each activity to get His guidance on saying yes or no to things, rather than just answering, "No" right off the bat. Because I need to write. . . .

Convicting post today!

betty said...

So true what you said about making sure you are spending time in studying for yourself in addition to planning Bible studies for others. Need to always find a way to balance things in one's life for sure.


Dianna said...

I am right there with you, Sister. Time...priorities...making much of HIM...I'm planning some time alone this weekend to work out some of these things...reorganizing how I do some things. Writing them down really helps me. It seems if I leave them all running around in my head they some how don't seem as "real", if you know what I mean.

Great post!

Melanie said...

I struggle with this too. Sometimes, I get so busy I shut God out. Great post.

Faith said...

yup.....finding the balance in my own home, too!! great post! OH...i wanted to tell you that i would LOVE to do the testimonial tuesdays thing you are starting....could you remind me of when it begins?? and is it ok if i sometimes post it later that day....after work? i can't work on my blog at the school. thanks!!

Susanne said...

Hubby and I struggle to find balance in this together. I can very much get caught up sharing my time with others to the point where my own family feels neglected and he has to be intentional in the sharing of his. A lot of it has to do with our jobs. He's with people all day long in a very physical job and he looks forward to getting home at night. I'm in the house with little ones all day long and crave the adult interaction. Finding the balance between the two of us can sometimes be the hard part.